CASE STUDY: British American Tobacco Shared Services Improved Operational Efficiency by 20%

30% - 50% of RPA projects fail!

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Build an RPA business case

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Maximise RPA utlization

How well are your robots w    


In a recent EY publication 'Get Ready for Robots' EY identified 10 top reasons why 30% - 50% of initial RPA projects fail.

Deploying Workware™ from ActiveOps directly addresses 8 out of the 10 issues and digitally unifies the orchestration of both human and robotic resources within a single application.

In less than 6 weeks you can have a complete view of your operation's work and time, identifying exactly which tasks to automate to build a business case for RPA and then monitor its effectiveness after implementation.

Workware provides real-time performance data across your whole operation, together with the planning tools needed to allocate suitable work to robots.

With over 12 years of operations experience built in, Workware can help you with all of this and much more. 

Orchestrate a Blended Workforce

Support any RPA Vendor

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Workware Data Insights highlights in real-time which activities are consuming the most resources highlighting where to invest in Robotics. The transparency of where team members are actually spending their time causes behaviours to change almost immediately.  

More importantly, Workware Data Insights enables you to identify and remove inefficiencies before implementing an RPA project, saving costs and helping to build a compelling business case.  

Scenario modelling will show the impact of activities not to be automated via RPA, allowing the testing of new staffing strategies, re-configured processes or service levels.

Identify processes for automation

How well are your robots 



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