Helping Operations Managers

* Gain 15%+ Productivity
* Unlock Latent Capacity
* Improve Employee Engagement
* Monitor Real-time Performance

Operations Capacity Management

Workware and Workware Mobile

Real-time performance data helping operations managers balance capacity with incoming work and create accurate fact based forecasting and planning

Active Operations Management

Active Operations Management (AOM) Method provides a consistent business framework to manage back office operations to deliver sustainable benefits

Back Office Workforce Optimisation


Workware Back Office Workforce Optimisation

Workware™ and Workware Mobile. Purpose built cloud and mobile back office workforce optimisation applications. Manage and optimise team and robotic performance in real-time.

Raise productivity, free capacity, reduce costs, improve employee engagement and service delivery.

AOM Method

ActiveOps AOM Method - Back Office Workforce Optimisation

The Active Operations Management (AOM™) method enables ‘teams of teams’ to collaborate and sustain higher productivity through a consistent management framework.

Better communication and improved control results in higher staff engagement and reduced stress.

Case Studies

Learn how our customers are benefiting from working with Workware and Active Operations Management (AOM) Method.

Supporting a variety of industry sectors including financial services, shared service centres, government departments and business process outsourcers (BPOs).

ActiveOps Workware and Active Operations Management (AOM) Method is in use and practiced by over 50,000 users and managers across more than 40 countries

15% - 20%

Operational productivity gains


Workware implementations


Deployed in over 40 countries

1 week

Operational within 1 week


Daily active users

9 Months

Typical ROI


Back Office Workforce Optimisation


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