ActiveOps AOM methodology is practiced by thousands of accredited managers around the world. Our Workware software suite is used to plan and manage the work of over 40,000 people every day across more than 40 countries.
40,000 Users Deployed In 42 Countries 15% - 40% Guaranteed Productivity Gains 9 Months Typical ROI Typical period To start seeing positive results 6-8 WEEKS Operating Across 14 Time Zones 39,000 miles Distance to visit all of our global offices
Typical period Deployed in 42 Countries 9 Months Typical ROI 40,000 Users 15% - 40% Productivity gains To seepositive results 6-8 WEEKS Operating Across 14 Time Zones

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AOMi changes to ActiveOps

After substantial investment back in early 2014 and a growing demand in the financial services/insurance/BPO/government/utilities sectors to improve operations performance …

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How To Stop Employee Stress From Taking Over The Enterprise

As covered in engage customer Re-thinking approaches to operations performance management can help organisations improve employee wellbeing, says Neil Bentley …

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60 seconds with first AOM Senior Practitioner

Rita Cordier, Vice President at Barclays Shared Services Africa, is the first to qualify as an AOM Senior Practitioner. We …

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