Sweat, Retire, Congratulations

There are moments where you marvel at the genius of others. For me, always a slightly bitter sweet experience; wonder at the ability of the human mind and painfully aware of the limitations of my own.

One such moment was hearing about “What3Words”.

By Stuart Pugh - Head of Customer Success - ActiveOps

ActiveOps adopts Dallas as it US base

Dallas Innovates spoke with ActiveOps' CEO about the company's future—including its new Dallas headquarters.

With the post-deal dust beginning to settle, how OpenConnect’s technology and the Dallas location fit into ActiveOps’ strategy is becoming clearer.

2019 Reflections


It’s the time of year when you reflect on the changes in the last 12 months and the events which perhaps define the year and how you remember it as it becomes history rather than work in progress!

By Richard Jeffery, CEO ActiveOps