About ActiveOps.

A management process automation software company.

Operations management is getting harder and harder.

Technological advancements, unpredictable markets, regulatory complexity, and evolving customer expectations are putting pressure on managers to make certainty out of confusion, respond faster to changes, and maximize employee engagement and performance – without overworking those employees.

That’s the challenge that ActiveOps helps organizations solve - turning operational management from a guessing game into a game-changing source of efficiency and value. We are the market leaders in management process automation: our smart software gives managers the information and insight to make decisions that deliver the levels of operational performance which match their company’s ambition and vision.

ActiveOps is able to deliver this because we’ve been completely focused on the challenges of managing complex operations in labor- and knowledge-intensive industries such as banking, insurance and related service outsourcing providers with AI and Machine Learning technologies.

That experience led us to develop Active Operations Management, our operational management methodology that underpins our approach to management process automation. It means our solutions can provide advanced decision support, forecasting, planning and comprehensive situational awareness at a global and local level. Simply put, our customers see farther, know more and move faster.

Our platform provides real-time employee productivity monitoring and workforce management technologies for a 360° view of your operations – both digital and human. Using ActiveOps, you can transform operational effectiveness and embed improvements in your processes to manage whatever challenges lie ahead. By providing managers access to data and insight at the right time, in the right context, enables them to transform productivity, secure employee wellbeing and create a platform for confident, constant transformation and market leadership.

ActiveOps has always been a different kind of company.

One that not only simplifies the running of Operations but also encourages collaboration and accountability. We’re much more than a software company, we have a passion to help our clients to achieve their ambitions and create an environment where expectations and outcomes are understood. We have a global reach, but we thrive on a family feel. Get to know us and you’ll see that we’re more than the product we sell.


Leadership by standing out from the crowd.

We are passionate about our field. We create original and expert solutions which wow our customers and accelerate their success.


To ourselves and about our commitments.

We believe in what we say and do. We have a clear moral compass respecting the dignity of people. We deliver our commitments.


In outlook, standards, customers, and colleagues.

We always bring a global mindset to everything we do. We are global in our outlook, standards, experience and in our customers and colleagues.


To leverage collective brilliance.

We believe in the power of congregation and strive to create an environment free from discrimination. We know we are always stronger together and thrive on a family feel that reflects the communities we serve.

We operate across the globe.

Our offices are in the USA, UK, Ireland, India, South Africa and Australia.

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