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Responding to the increasing demand for back office workforce optimisation

At ActiveOps we are nothing if not opinionated! This is only because we are passionate about our specialism: the optimisation of Back Office Operations. Our senior team have nearly 100 years of combined experience working in, or transforming, back office operations and we want nothing more than to share our views with you.

Why are we so passionate about this subject?

We want to help to improve the quality of the working lives of the millions of people, all over the globe, who work in the back offices of service operations. These people make up the bulk of the modern workforce, helping us to get a mortgage, or claim on our insurance, or helping us to have our taxes assessed accurately or our benefits paid appropriately.

Team leaders represent the layer of managers who have the greatest direct impact over the quality of the working lives of these unsung heroes and they therefore also have a profound influence over the ability of the companies they work for to exist, survive and thrive.

We want to help these team leaders to help the people in their teams to be the best they can be: to help them find pride and passion in their work; help them to feel in control – not buffeted from one crisis to another, constantly putting out other people’s fires; and help them to know they are a core part of the success of their operation.

We want to achieve this by encouraging a culture of Active Management, where everyone feels trusted, empowered and engaged. Where people look forward and plan how to succeed, not look backwards to find who to blame. Where people take ownership of problems and look creatively for solutions, and where people feel that although they might be working for a big organisation they are also, to a large extent, actually working for themselves.

We believe the way to achieve this culture is to draw upon the very best of modern management theory to create a shared method for collectively planning work and managing performance.

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Edition 3 – WFO Data: It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it.

It is often the recourse of managers of certain age to quote Deming, and possibly one of the most quoted expressions is: “Without data you’re just another person with an opinion”.

Deming has often been quoted as suggesting that “The System” accounts for 90% to 95% of performance. This is one of the reasons he railed against performance appraisal systems, incentivisation and such like. Working on the 5% rather than the 95% was both costly and counterproductive in his eyes. Only by giving people the opportunity to perform will you get the most out of their willingness and ability.

Edition 2 – Cobotics – Introducing Robots Without Tears

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is making waves in the mainstream and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) press with predictions ranging from the over-blown “the end of work as we know it” or “the end of the middle class” to the prosaic “increasing efficiency by 35% in areas where RPA is adopted”.

Edition 1 – Service Operations as a Competitive Advantage

Far from being the Cinderella discipline, back office operations can make or break an enterprise. It is the shop window. It is where promises made become promises delivered – or not. So we discuss how modern technology can create a management operating system that takes operations up the maturity curve towards helping an enterprise to rise above its competition