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Workware cloud-based software is used by service industries, BPOs and shared service centers worldwide. Workware enables managers and motivated teams to realize the full potential of their operations. Productivity is routinely increased by over 15 -25%. Both customer satisfaction and staff engagement are significantly increased.

Often deployed and effective in weeks Workware captures and aggregates real-time data from multiple systems. This includes workflow systems, core applications, RPA (robotic) and manual processes. A common, quantified view of work and capacity enables diverse teams to collaborate effectively. Optimal operations performance is dynamically managed from department, to team, to individual.

Workware is trusted by blue chip organizations in banking, insurance, healthcare, government, outsourcing and shared services to streamline and manage their operations. With access to a single view of operations data, even on the move with Workware Mobile, managers are able to

  • Manage teams of people and robots from a single application
  • balance resources;
  • identify latent capacity;
  • prioritise/plan daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly work schedules;
  • meet quality and SLA targets.

Workware is designed to validate and measure the effectiveness of RPA, Digital, Lean, Six Sigma and other business transformation initiatives. It can also be utilized with the Active Operations Management (AOM) method.

Optimise Performance of People and Robots

Workware allows you to identify where, when and how many robots should be deployed. Operations managers are able to determine and remove inefficiencies before implementing an RPA project, saving costs and building a compelling business case. You can then decide where to invest or cash in the savings from an RPA implementation then manage a blended human and robotic back office workforce.

Workware assesses the demand for work, plans and assigns capacity from the human and robotic workforce. This achieves the right service level, at the right quality, at the lowest cost. Controls used to optimise the blended workforce prevent manual work expanding to fill the available time created by automation.

While supporting any RPA technology Workware is also designed to complement and easily connect to existing systems such as BPM, workflow and line-of-business applications.

Workware Business Outcome Modeller (BOM)

Workware Business Outcome Modeller (BOM) provides a comprehensive end to end view of the effort and the cost per process or product, making it possible to:

  • Easily identify and improve performance, including the deployment of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and review of processes and tasks •
  • Clearly quantify the performance benefit of all changes made to the operation
  • Benchmark performance between operations, teams or departments
  • Track efficiency of customer service operations
  • Review changes in costs and service levels
  • Talk to business partners in their language
  • Have up to date information based on operational data

The result of using BOM leads to better decision making, process and task design, improved operations performance and customer satisfaction.