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We are currently recruiting for the following roles: 

Software Developer

Location: Adelaide

You’ve been developing neat, elegant and artful software solutions to problems for a few years, and you take pride in being able to simplify the complex, automate the tedious and make other people’s life easier. You love watching your code come to life in real world situations, and you get a warm buzz out of seeing people gain benefit from what you’ve created.

Your languages of choice are C# and JavaScript, and although you can talk eloquently about why jQuery, knockout and moment are great you also understand the principles of what they’re doing. You’ve probably experimented with F#, Swift and Go just because they’re interesting, and you’re the sort of person who views “here’s a bit of code in a language you’ve never heard of – can you see what’s wrong with it?” as a challenge rather than a chore.

With a few years under your belt writing production code you’re ready for a new challenge and are looking for a growing company with the feel and ambitious plans of a startup to gain skills and experience in the latest in cloud platform, AI/ML and more. You want a role where you can bring your own suggestions, but where you’re surrounded by others with different perspectives to sound your thoughts off and bounce around stupid ideas until the genius emerges.

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Technical Architect
Location: Reading

You’re smart and you’re good at your job and you know it.  You like being challenged by working with people who are at least as good in their field and you enjoy debate and (friendly) argument as a way to test your own knowledge and assumptions.

You write code, and you thrive on the challenge of making that code artistic in its simplicity. C# is your language of choice, but you take pride in being able to answer “probably, yeah” when someone asks “I’ve got this bit of code that doesn’t work, can you fix it?” without having to ask what it’s written in.

You like neat, orderly separations between layers of code, enjoy the speed boots fluent mappings and ORMs provide but are worldly enough to know they’ve got their downsides too, and you like the idea of cloud and microservices but have been around the block enough to know where the traps are.

You revel in the freedom to suggest and implement new technologies – but you don’t have problems supporting existing code and get your hands dirty with the odd bit of legacy product. You like the idea of leading a team of developers, but prefer to spend your day in Visual Studio than in Outlook and Excel, and as much as you relish the opportunity to share your knowledge you don’t want to be a teacher.

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Alliances & Partner Director

Locations:           Reading, United Kingdom

                                New York, United States

                                Asia Pacific

We are seeking a European Alliances & Partners Director, whose primary responsibilities are to attract new partners and generate significant revenue via partner originated sales.  The successful candidate will be a key member of the global partnerships team charged with executing the company’s strategy of extending significant direct sales growth via alliances and partnerships.  The ideal candidate will be experienced in establishing partnerships, be able to talk credibly when discussing our solutions and be experienced in working with some or all of our target partners segments.

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