How We Help You

How we help you

ActiveOps Manage Differently

How We Help You

ActiveOps provides a uniquely scalable and complete back office workforce optimisation solution proven across a vast range of customer operations.

The Workware cloud based software suite is used to plan and manage the work of over 50,000 people every day across forty countries.

The Active Operations Management (AOM) methodology is practised by thousands of accredited managers around the world.

ActiveOps Workware supporting RPA

I am Planning an RPA Project. Where do I start?

You are not alone! According to a blog by a Manager of Robotic Process Automation Advisory at EY almost 60% of RPA projects fail or benefits does not meet the cost of implementation, owing to wrong process selection. So it’s no surprise that organisation are holding back robot roll out because they are worried about picking the wrong process. Workware Data Insights will tell you which activities are consuming the most resource and therefore highlight where to invest in Robots. The scenario modelling will show the impact of different scenarios on the remaining manual activity such that new staffing strategies can be considered or service levels re-configured.”

Robots need managing to!  By optimising your back office workforce including robots which are unlikely to be working in isolation of upstream and downstream process all that have different throughput performance and capacity constraints. Workware Planning Insights will help optimise the combined use of human and automated capacity and prevent the manual work expanding to fill the available time created by the automation.

Workware already comes with the built in connectors to receive actual production data from RPA tools ensuring a seamless approach to managing your capacity and enabling you to cash the benefits from your automation journey.

I need to improve productivity quickly and sustainably

ActiveOps has a rich history of providing permanent fixes to operations productivity issues. Whether the challenge is reducing delivery cost, improving quality, getting backlogs under control or simply reducing reliance on overtime, ActiveOps can help. ActiveOps introduce a leading back office workforce optimisation solution supported by a standard method which means that no time is wasted reinventing wheels. All we need to do is configure our tried and tested best practice to work in your environment.

Because what you get is a best practice method, expertly implemented, not just a sticking plaster over the problem, Workware and AOM continue to work and deliver benefit long after the original problem has been solved and forgotten.

Back office workforce optimisation is a productivity accelerator across the full scope of your operations, not just one process you might choose to optimise or re-engineer. As a result, sizeable productivity improvements can be achieved rapidly without the need for major technology or organisational change.

I need the capacity and control to support a business transformation initiative

Delivering change in operations environments whilst sustaining business as usual performance is a major challenge. Issues we commonly hear are:

  • “Our current technology roll-out programme is at risk because key people are consumed with day-to-day firefighting”
  • “We need to rationalise to fewer centres but as things stand we would be taking ten slightly out of control operations and creating one huge backlog”
  • “I want to outsource these processes, but not while they’re clearly so inefficient – help me take the available improvements rather than give them away”

Strategic change programmes routinely fail to deliver the benefits they promised when they are not built on stable foundations. ActiveOps help organisations to become “match fit” by making the management of business as usual more controlled and less reactive. As the firefighting subsides more, people can spend more time looking to the future rather than dealing with the immediate crisis. Change is de-risked and benefits realisation assured as a result of greater day-to-day control.

I need a standard approach to back office productivity across my operations

Organisations tend not to grow through a logical progression but through acquisition, restructuring and re-organisation. This is particularly true for shared service centres and for BPO. The consequence can be significant variety; mixed business systems, mixed levels of management capability, mixed cultures and values. Looking across this diverse landscape and getting an objective view of current performance and potential improvement can be daunting.

ActiveOps provide tried and tested solutions that are working in many operations all round the world, the ideal basis for uniting your disparate operating units.

Overlaying a consistent approach to operations management provides obvious benefits such as standard ways of measuring performance, but crucially, managers all operating to a standard approach, using a common language, enables far greater levels of choice over how your capacity is used to achieve business goals. Standardising business processes has been normal practice for many years, applying the same rigour to the management process is an accelerator of performance right across your operations.

I need operations excellence to be a differentiator for my organisation

Some organisations are well known for their operations management capability: Toyota and Lean, GE and Six Sigma. Now many operations are increasingly of the view that being demonstrably “good at operations” can be the thing that sets them apart.

  • BPOs need to demonstrate more advanced operations credentials than their customers if they are to out-compete their rivals
  • Financial Services organisations are under greater pressure than ever to provide first-rate customer experience whilst carefully managing operations cost
  • Even charitable organisations need to show that donations go to good causes not administration.

Through Workware and the AOM method, ActiveOps enables organisations to configure their operations in previously impossible ways, enabling new operating models and product offerings to be created. Operations productivity replaces price as a way to compete. Your customers are served faster, to a higher level of quality, compliance standards are met more cost-effectively and your supply chain is fully synchronised.