Senior Leaders’ Dinners

Senior Leaders' Dinners

Do you have a passion for operations? ActiveOps hosts private events for peers to connect and discuss themes and industry topics, over dinner.

A private, invite-only event hosted in London and New York

ActiveOps supports a global network of leaders delivering excellence in their business through professional operations management practices. We connect and facilitate discussions between our clients, partners and peers around a broad theme of the profession of operations management and the challenges thereof!

At each of our dinners, a lead speaker who is closely involved in leading change and excellence in operations is invited to drive conversation around their chosen key theme, providing insight and personal experience. All our Leaders’ dinners operate under Chatham House rules (if you’d like to learn more about Chatham House rules, click here) and are limited to around 15 people to ensure stimulating and free-flowing discussions.

The events take place in high-quality restaurants with good food, good wine and excellent conversation. If you’re someone involved in leading change and excellence in business operations and are interested in either attending an event, fill out the contact form on this page or send a note of your interest to

Previous Senior Leader Dinners:

28 September 2016 – New York

19 April 2017 – London – ‘Experience tales; achieving sustainable long-term value from BPO’

At our European Leaders’ Dinner in April, Nigel Purveur Managing Director of Capita’s Insurance division will be talking on his 20 years’ experience setting up, leading and evolving major business process outsourcing contracts in the UK and European market.  Maintaining a balance of interest between the partners in the supply chain, evolving approaches to charging including output or unit charging are just some of the challenges he can provide commentary and insight on.

19 July 2017 – London – ‘Black Box Thinking’

At our European Leaders Dinner in July, Mark Palmer, MD for OEE Consulting, will be briefing on his experiences of how to redesign large operations. In particular, he will focus on how large operations can move from individual quality monitoring regimes to a more effective approach  – he will be challenging regulatory frameworks and explain why “competency” and “inspection” are not useful tools to achieve right first time. Borrowing from Matthew Syed’s seminal book “Black Box Thinking” Mark will look at why adopting a growth mind-set, one where business learns from mistakes, is the way forward. Having operated both as an MD for a safety critical manufacturing Division in Automotive and as MD for a Management Consulting firm in the service sector, Mark will bring cross sector experience and perspective.

4 October 2017 – London – ‘Enabling continuous transformation’

At our European Leaders Dinner in October, Stephen Dawes, Global Operations Leader for Mercer’s Talent Consulting business will be briefing on his experiences of how to create team practices which genuinely maintain and energise practical continuous improvement activities. Having operated both as a Lean and Operations excellence consultant and as a senior line manager of diverse and complex operations, he has experienced a wide range of challenges and cultures along the way.

6 December 2017 – New York – ‘Creating Operations fit for RPA, Automation and Digital transformation’

At our New York dinner in December, Steven Crook, until recently Customer Service Director at Allied Irish Banks, led the discussion on the challenges and opportunities in complex operations to support Digitization and Automation. He based his briefing on the outstanding outcomes he achieved at AIB across the back office operations of the group. He discussed the elements which together delivered not only a double digit productivity gain before process and RPA improvement, but a transformed and confident operational management team able to commit and execute dramatic strategic change.

17 January 2018 – London – ‘Relational resource – the future of business operations?’

Relational resource – the future of business operations?

18 April 2018 – London – ‘Managing non-operational senior teams to ensure successful operations transformation’

Managing non-operational senior teams to ensure successful operations transformation.

18 July 2018 – London – ‘The future of fluid capacity – lessons from a virtual workforce’

The future of fluid capacity – lessons from a virtual workforce.

Upcoming Senior Leader Dinners:

London - 25 April 2019

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