The ActiveOps Conference 2018

The ActiveOps Conference 2018
The Rise of Digital Ops

The ActiveOps Conference 2018: The Rise of Digital Ops

The ActiveOps Conference (the first in a series of global ActiveOps Conferences) was held on 3 October 2018 at the world-famous golfing resort, “The Belfry Hotel”, in the UK. The conference was heralded a great success and a must for anyone involved in service operations facing the challenges and opportunities of a digital transformation.

Read the conference reflections written by Neil Bentley, Non Executive Director and Co-Founder of ActiveOps

The Presenters

Keynote: Transforming Operations Management for a Digital World by Nina Muhleisen, Founder/Principal Consultant Three6

Beyond Moore’s Law: The Democratisation of Digital by Kevin Evans, CTO ActiveOps

Centre of Excellence and Robotics by Gemma Carter – Head of Centre of Excellence & Mandana Zarkesh-Esfahani – Director, Process Automation at DST

“The Changing Nature of Managing Work and Time” by Paul Moroney, CPO ActiveOps

Artificial Intelligence – The Silent Revolution by Andrew Burgess, Author, The Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence

The Role of the Command Centre by Nigel Adams, General Manager, Group Services at ANZ

Factors Affecting Performance: Are Bots Any Different to Humans? by Elliott Tiernan, Pre-Sales Director ActiveOps

Why Elon Musk’s Recent Struggles with Tesla Model 3 Production Can Inform Everyone’s Technology Strategy by Mark Palmer, Managing Director OEE Consulting