ActiveOps Partners

ActiveOps partners are key to delivering customer success.

Workware and the AOM method are deployed stand-alone or in combination with partner solutions to deliver operations excellence and enable the transition to digital operations operations.

We are seeking new partners who are as passionate as us about the strategic value of truly great digital operations.

Why Partner with ActiveOps?

  • Differentiation

    Make your operations excellence and transformation offerings stand-out in the crowd

  • Enable New Service Lines

    Create new offerings based on the market leading back office workforce optimisation solution

  • Enhance Operations Excellence Offerings

    Deliver larger, faster, more sustained and measurable customer benefits

  • Accelerate Automation

    Identify optimal automation use-cases, quantify automation benefits, manage and optimize all operations resources from a single application

  • Enable Digital Transformation

    Plan, deliver and realise the benefits of change more securely

  • Sustain Benefits

    Ensure process, technology and behavioural changes embed within your customer operations with Workware

Business Transformation Partners

ActiveOps Transformation Partners are typically consultants and systems integrators engaged in enabling their customers to evolve operations into the digital age, where omni-channel communications, automation, artificial intelligence and workforce optimization come together to deliver truly great customer experiences.

Workware provides actionable intelligence which transforms your ability to design, deliver and quantify customer benefits from transformation and automation projects in back office and shared services environments.

Workware drives additional services revenues and provides ongoing visibility of your customer’s operations, allowing additional project opportunities to be identified and justified.

Solution Partners

ActiveOps Solution Partners integrate Workware with adjacent or complimentary technology to provide a complete customer solution.

The Workware Data Insights module, consolidates and validates data from a range of to build a complete picture of an operations’ work, use of time and performance. The insight gained enables the impact of technology deployments to be accurately quantified and the value delivered your solutions to be evidenced

The Workware Planning Insights module continuously optimises use of human and robotic resource.  This generates capacity to support solution deployments and creates an agile operation which is better able to realise the benefits of your solutions.

Implementation Partners

ActiveOps implementation Partners build new revenue streams and customers by adopting market leading Solutions from ActiveOps.

Workware, the Active Operations Management (AOM) Method and implementation approach provides a highly packaged and repeatable offering which delivers significant and lasting improvements in operational efficiency.

Adding ActiveOps to your services portfolio provides additional revenue opportunities, whilst Workware ensures you have ongoing visibility of your customers’ operations and the ability to easily identify additional improvement opportunities.

Current partners

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