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ActiveOpinions from ActiveOps

Responding to the accelerating drive towards digital operations management

At ActiveOps we are nothing if not opinionated! This is only because we are passionate about our specialism: digital operations management and the optimisation of Back Office Operations including both people and robots. Our senior team have nearly 100 years of combined experience working in, or transforming towards digital, RPA, back office operations and we want nothing more than to share our views with you via ActiveOpinions.

Why are we so passionate about this subject?

We want to help to improve the quality of the working lives of the millions of people, all over the globe, who work in service operations. These people make up the bulk of the modern workforce, now supplemented with robots, helping us to get a mortgage, or claim on our insurance, or helping us to have our taxes assessed accurately or our benefits paid appropriately.

Team leaders represent the layer of managers who have the greatest direct impact over the quality of the working lives of these unsung heroes and they therefore also have a profound influence over the ability of the companies they work for to exist, survive and thrive.

ActiveOps is the only company we are aware of – anywhere in the world – that provides the kind of technology that support this vision of the digital operations management.

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