ActiveOps Capability Maturity Model

AOM Capability Maturity Model

ActiveOps Manage Differently

Capability Maturity Model

The ActiveOps Capability Maturity Model – determine the level of industry best practice in your organisation

ActiveOps has accumulated over 20 years’ worth of experience working in operations management across a wide range of industries spread over 6 continents.

ActiveOps Capability Maturity Model for Digital Operations Management.

This maturity model, developed over 10 years, measures a set of defined and weighted criteria to determine how your organisation ranks with others in your industry, and with international best-practice.

We determine what measures and measurements are in place and how they are deployed and enforced across the operations and assess how these measures impact the management control and outcomes of the business. From this analysis, we are able to provide a comprehensive assessment of how your operations management maturity is affecting your overall company performance, and get a detailed insight into the potential performance gains available to you through incrementally applying improved disciplines to advance up the scale.

Before setting out on the journey it is important to understand your starting point and your desired destination. Our Capability Maturity Model helps to position where you currently stand and give precise direction to reaching your operational goals.

ActiveOps Capability Maturity Model

ActiveOps Capability Maturity Model

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