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Active Operations Management.

Giving managers the support they need to align and deploy their front lines means equipping them with the right tools, processes and skills to execute.

For more than 15+ years we’ve partnered with organisations across the world to help them plan, track performance and motivate team managers to improve employee productivity and optimise their costs.

Embedded in ActiveOps’ software solutions, our Active Operations Management (AOM) method is a key component in automating management process and optimising worker productivity to deliver customer success.

Leveraging years of operations domain expertise and field proven practices in leading Banks, Healthcare, Insurance and BPO enterprises AOM provides a consistent and proven employee performance management framework.

Never a one-size-fits-all approach, we understand that management teams and their level of support is unique. That is why we are as hands on, locally and remotely, or as high level as you need throughout the implementation process. Our Ops experienced coaches are there to support your managers and employees while our software provides digital interactive support and guidance which means we can deliver results in a matter of weeks.

From fine-tuning to certification.

The tools are only as strong as the people who use them. That’s why ActiveOps provides training, on and off the-job coaching, and eLearning within the ActiveOps solutions user interface and via our ‘Academy’.

Using AOM best practices, we work with managers to ensure our solutions are maximised to measure staff performance and provide the right data to forecast capacity in an effective way.

Whether it is skill development or advanced training, our online learning experience allows managers to complete a formal certification route with an internationally recognised awarding body. The Academy also provides access to an exclusive AOM community to share lessons learned and industry knowledge.

As with our digital interactions within our within our ActiveOps solutions, our eLearning courses and assessments use interactive tools, video, animation, and to-do lists to enhance the learning experience and can be accessed across multiple devices in any location.

Business simulation.

We know it takes some time to get used to a new software or a tool and to gain maximum benefit quickly, especially one that is so important to the day-to-day management process. For that, we have established a real-life simulation exercise, refined over years. Using ActiveOps workforce optimization solutions and the AOM method, managers learn how to manage their simulated workforce, deploy resources effectively, react to rapid changes in business needs and ensure forecasts and plans built are balanced to achieve business objectives.

With a clearer, transparent perspective of day-to-day business, ActiveOps determines the success of participants in the challenge through the measurement of quality, service, and cost indicators. Such intel can be directly applied to programs in their workplace.

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AOM health check.

Get a pulse check of your current operations management activities. This approach, based on the principles of the ActiveOps’ OpsIndex, an operational index score and community benchmark, begins with a survey, subsequent report and recommendations for your current back office operations working practices.

It illustrates the potential gains of using ActiveOps solutions at a high accuracy level that is backed up with years of experience engaging with customers.

Discover how the OpsIndex can support your business objectives.

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