ActiveOps Health Check

ActiveOps Health Check

Health Check

ActiveOps Health Check, an on-site survey, report and recommendations of your current back office operations working practices.

A unique opportunity to evaluate how your operations compare with industry best practice and plan a road-map to operational excellence.

ActiveOps Health Check – designed to discover:

  • How current operations management activities compare against ActiveOps’ Capability Maturity Model of international best practice
  • How managers and team leaders are equipped meet the business objectives and ambitions
  • The opportunity for capacity release through changes to current operations management practices
  • The best solution and cost to resolve identified issues

Assessing your current status

Operations management is about the controlling of productivity, quality and service simultaneously and we will be looking at the way in which this is done in the business today.

The results of the Health Check are reviewed against the ActiveOps Capability Maturity Model:

  • The approach – management behaviour; reactive, bureaucratic or active across all the roles and levels
  • Consistency and comprehensiveness of management processes, does the business have a common work management process or does it vary from team to team?
  • How well do team practices integrate into departmental and cross-departmental activities?
  • Management skills in professional operations management – is formal training available with recognised development paths and competency models?
  • The supporting tools and standards underpinning the processes – service based products are complex, involving multiple products and hugely varying customer requirements. The tools supervisors have for planning and controlling can make the difference between a nice theoretical idea (to be in control), and a practical reality

Data analysis

Information on output work output and staff resources is gathered to determine variability in productivity and the correlation with the volume and timing of incoming work.

The level and accuracy will depend on the detail of performance data is currently captured and retained by the teams.


A non intrusive and open review of what kind of displays there are on walls and whiteboards, and the general flow of activities through the working day including informal discussions with supervisors or managers at their desks.


At the end of the visit we will hold an immediate feedback and review session with the management team where our observations can be discussed followed up with a presentation outlining recommendations and suggest next steps.


The output of the ActiveOps Health Check include:

A presentation of the results of review against the four competency dimensions

  • Management approach
  • Management processes
  • Management skills
  • Supporting resources

Quantified projected productivity improvement based on the degree of variability and assessment of the opportunity to realise the benefit

A proposed approach to addressing the identified opportunities


The ActiveOps Health Check provides you with a comprehensive review of your current operations management process, compares your company with international best practice against a standard, proven Capability Maturity Model and gives you instant feedback on opportunities for improvement. You will also receive:

  • A quantified assessment of the potential capacity improvement (if any) through changes to operations management practices.
  • An immediate contribution to the current approach to operations management. We always discuss and develop our ideas and conclusions with the management team during the course of the review, and we aim to leave the local team with ideas and suggestions of value at least commensurate with the time and expense involved.

A clear approach including cost benefit analysis to address any identified opportunities


Please contact us for more information and pricing for the ActiveOps Health Check.

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