AOM Sustainability

AOM Sustainability


The AOM sustainability package ensures that your initial gains are repeatable, sustainable and embedded into your operations.

A range of on-site services to refresh the AOM Skills of current managers and train new members of staff to ensure productivity benefits are enjoyed over many years.

ActiveOps Health Check

The ActiveOps Health Check is an on-site review where our most experiencred practitioners will conduct a survey of your current working practices. During this review, we determine:

  • How current management activities compare against ActiveOps’ Capability Maturity Model of international best practice
  • The extent to which managers and team leaders are equipped with the tools, approach and training to meet the business objectives and ambitions
  • The opportunity for capacity release through changes to current operations management practices
  • The cost and approach of addressing identified issues

Assessing your current status
Operations management is about the controlling of productivity, quality and service simultaneously and we will be looking at the way in which this is done in the business today.

We review this against:

  • The approach – management behaviour; reactive, bureaucratic or active across all the roles and levels
  • Consistency and comprehensiveness of management processes– does the business have a common work management process or does it vary from team to team? How well do team practices integrate into departmental and cross-departmental activities?
  • Management skills in professional Operations Management – is there formal training in this area, with recognised development paths and competency models?

The supporting tools and standards underpinning the processes – clerical products are complex, involving multiple products and hugely varying customer requirements. The tools supervisors have for planning and controlling can make the difference between a nice theoretical idea (to be in control), and a practical reality.
Data analysis
As part of the work, we will collect information on output work volumes and relate it to staff resources used. This will enable us to establish the variability in productivity and any relationship with the volume of work arriving. Our level of precision will depend on the extent to which data is captured and retained by the teams currently.
We would like a chance to observe operational activities on the floor of the office during the day. This is not intended to be too threatening we will simply be looking at what kind of displays there are on walls and whiteboards, and the general ebb & flow of activities through the day. For this reason, we prefer to conduct interviews at supervisors’ or managers’ desks – rather than hidden away in interview rooms – wherever this is practical.
At the end of the visit we will hold an immediate feedback and review session with the management team where our conclusions can be discussed and tested. We will then follow this up with a reporting presentation, which we would review with you at a time to suit your diary.
The output of the health check includes:

  • A presentation of the results of review against the four competency dimensions
  • Management approach
  • Management processes
  • Management skills
  • Supporting resources
  • Quantified projected productivity improvement based on the degree of variability and assessment of the opportunity to realise the benefit
  • A proposed approach to addressing the identified opportunities

The ActiveOps Health Check is designed to provide a comprehensive review of your current operations management process, compares your company with international best practice against a standard, proven Capability Maturity Model and gives you instant feedback on opportunities for improvement. You will also receive:

  • A quantified assessment of the potential capacity improvement (if any) through changes to operations management practices.
  • An immediate contribution to the current approach to operations management. We always discuss and develop our ideas and conclusions with the management team during the course of the review, and we aim to leave the local team with ideas and suggestions of value at least commensurate with the time and expense involved.
  • A clear approach including cost benefit analysis to address any identified opportunities

ActiveOps Certification

ActiveOps certification provides recognition of skills and ensures they are maintained and developed. The programme ensures that initial gains are repeatable, sustainable and embedded into the infrastructure of your business.

  • Certifications for operations managers and team members – ActiveOps offer certifications for operations managers and team member of all levels at Foundation and Practitioner level.
  • AOM Champion certification – AOM champions play a crucial role in maintaining best practice within your organisation. Certified champions give you the peace of mind that your operations management practices are being maintained.
  • AOM Coach certification – organisations wishing to deploy our solutions themselves develop certified AOM coaches to ensure implementations are completed to the highest standards.
Mobile Operations Forecasting
Data Capture
Operations Reporting

Workware’s powerful analytics help you identify performance improvement opportunities, realise benefits, identify spare capacity and non-core activities

Workware’s real-time management capabilities keep your fingers on the pulse of your operation with a single view of all operations performance and capacity

Powerful and flexible capacity planning and forecasting analysis using historical data to produce and monitor daily, weekly, yearly plans