Active Operations Management.

The playbook for service operations in the agile age.

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Welcome to the AOM toolkit!

We assume to have reached this page you must be some way through reading the Active Operations Management - a playbook for service operations in the digital age. Firstly, thank you for picking up the book, we hope you are enjoying it and finding its insights useful.

This toolkit has been designed to further your experience of AOM by providing some practical, interactive content to bring to life some of the concepts you have read about.

We will be adding more content to this site in the future so make sure to continue to check back in!

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What's in the toolkit

  • The AOM Latent Capacity Calculator

    Measure the latent capacity opportunity in your operation.

  • The AOM Sense Check Questionnaire

    Understand how well your operation aligns to AOM.

Active Operations Management Book Photo
  • The AOM Online Course

    Experience how performance is measured using AOM, the logic behind the 85th Percentile and an introduction to using AOM for planning.

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