2020 marks landmark year for our industry and ActiveOps.

ActiveOps expands team and offering to support its growing global customer-base.

Another year has raced by, and here we are, already a few months into 2021.

What a year 2020 was for us all.

For ActiveOps, it was a year of achievement and expansion, investing in our people, customers and offering to support our growing, global customer-base, while responding to the changes imposed on us all by COVID-19.

For our industry and customers, it was a year the likes of which has never been seen before.

An evolving industry

The major shift to home-working that took place across all industries and markets in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic shone a light on the importance of management process automation and its vital role in enabling businesses to continue to run their operations safely and effectively with a home-based workforce.

Enforced home working demonstrated to many businesses that the way they run their operations was hugely reliant on presence and line of sight management. By contrast, those businesses with established data-led and formalised management approaches were better equipped to cope with the disruption, just as they are better equipped to deliver excellent, efficient service during more normal times.

We have seen employee wellbeing and happiness rise to the top of the agenda, as managers have sought to proactively guide their teams through their changing priorities, while also responding to their personal needs.

Across our customer base, we saw the data collated by the Workware+ platform used to improve forecasting, planning and team communication, taking the stress out of managing a rapidly evolving workload through the pandemic, while increasing productivity levels. You can read more about a recent successful implementation here by TD Bank “Managing differently through COVID-19.”

Meanwhile we adapted our implementation programmes to be delivered fully remotely and are proud to have delivered the same benefits to our customers via remote delivery as via on site delivery. We extended our offering by building Digital Adoption technology into the platform and were delighted to see increased engagement with our online trading Academy, with over 21,000 customer employees having now successfully achieved their certifications in Active Operations Management.

An expanded offering

For over 15 years we have been working closely alongside our customers to evolve our offering, ensuring it meets their needs and helps to promote a healthy, productive environment.

One of the key areas of expansion in 2020 was the evolution of our WorkiQ offering, following the successful acquisition in 2019 of OpenConnect. Not only did the acquisition allow us to add productivity monitoring to our toolkit, which has proven especially vital during these times of working from home, but it also gave us a greater footprint in the US. The end of the year saw the divestment of the non-core elements of the OpenConnect business to Rocket Software enabling us to focus on our core areas of expertise.

We completed the re-platforming of our core technology in 2020, bringing together our two offerings under one next generation platform, Workware+ which offers new, additional insight and slicker integration for users. We also introduced an industry-first benchmarking tool in the OpsIndex, which enables objective measurement of every business's performance on an enterprise, department by department, and community level, providing senior managers insight for the first time into the health of their back office operations versus their peers.

And investment did not stop there. We expanded all our teams in both the UK and US, significantly boosting headcount in our technology, Product and Sales teams. We have been delighted to welcome so many new members to our teams, providing us with a fantastic platform to support our growing, global customer-base.

In January 2021, my co-founder, Neil Bentley, and I released a book on the ActiveOps methodology and ethos, Active Operations Management: The playbook for service operations in the agile age. We hope that this resource will enrich the ActiveOps experience for our customers who are passionate about both the method and the governing principles that underline it.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to simplify running operations – and never has that been more important. We believe simplifying how organisations manage operational performance can have a transformative impact on organisational success, the wellbeing of employees and the outcomes for customers.

When we look back at what was a tumultuous year for us all, we are excited at the progress we have made as a business and proud of the support we have given our customers, providing them with the data, insight and methodology to thrive in these challenging times.

ActiveOps 2020 Highlights:

  • Secured 14 new customers, including AIG, Standard Life, Morneau Shepell and Molina Healthcare
  • Grew net usage across our existing global customers
  • Hired over 30 people across all of our teams, providing considerably enhanced operational capabilities
  • Deployed the latest generation of Workware+ platform with a zero legacy code base, and advanced decision support for operations and operational managers
  • Launched the ActiveOps OpsIndex benchmarking tool (an industry first), and ActiveOps Academy 2.0 for online learning
  • Successfully integrated WorkiQ into our offering, via the acquisition of OpenConnect
  • Divested the legacy products of OpenConnect, enhancing the balance sheet and maintaining focus on solving the control challenges of the modern back office
  • Neil Bentley & Richard Jeffery, our two founders, co-wrote and published their first book: Active Operations Management: The playbook for service operations in the agile age.

“Richard Jeffery is an expert in service operations management. Richard started his career with PA Consulting Group, before moving to Coopers and Lybrand specializing in organizational change management and operational effectiveness.

He joined specialist consultants OCP as a partner in 1993, where he began developing the Active Operations Management (AOM) method and Workware. He launched ActiveOps as an independent business in 2005 with fellow OCP partner Neil Bentley.”

Richard Jeffery, CEO, ActiveOps