ActiveOps Academy 2.0.

The next generation of ActiveOps Academy.

With over 60,000 members and certifications of the Academy, over 7000 being advanced certifications, we see a distinct need for the education and certification process that service operations strive to achieve. Now more than ever, having engaged and enriching training programs are essential to building resilient operations.

Introducing Rosie Pye, our new Manager of the Digital Experience Team, who are responsible for the next generation. Below is a short interview of Rosie's unique view and the future of the Academy.

Michael Cupps: Rosie, you have extensive experience in developing L&D programs. Now that you know how AO Academy works, how have you approached the new role and the evolution of the Academy?

Rosie Pye: Since I came on board in June this year, I have been driven to making changes in the Academy based on the importance of not just the content in the tool itself, but our reputation for the eLearning delivery itself. At present, we are focusing on updating source files and the template of the learning materials, making sure that we are aligned to the most up to date way of delivering eLearning, which is especially important in the new remote working situation. By digitizing, gamifying, and updating our modules, we are bringing to the forefront the capacity to really wow our clients with, not just what we can offer, but what our platform can offer.

Michael Cupps: Exciting, people are limited for time, and with the pandemic, work time needs to be efficient with the work-life balance. So how will the Academy engage and help managers evolve?

Rosie Pye: Gone are the days of clicking through long and arduous modules. We have provided a more interactive experience within the modules, and reduced the text-heavy content to more manageable and bite-sized chunks, perfect for those short on time but still keen to learn. We've made some other changes as well: First, we recently updated all the eLearning templates for the ActiveOps Method for Team Leaders, Senior Leaders and Team Members. In the image below, you can see a small snippet of what has changed, and already we hope you can appreciate what a difference this can make to the whole user experience.

“My name is Rosie Pye and I recently joined ActiveOps as the Digital Experience Team Manager. I have been working in eLearning for a few years now and am always interested to see how the evolution of technology informs the way that people are able to learn and how we can adapt our user experience to meet these constant changes. This is part of what drew me to my role at ActiveOps. Outside of work I love to cook, read and am a big yoga fan!”

Rosie Pye, Digital Experience Team Manager, ActiveOps