CaseworkiQ helps case-working operations see further, know more, and move faster

Running in operations is hard – but managing operations where the work is case-based is the ultimate challenge for any ops professional. Planning and resourcing are more challenging due to the complex nature of casework, usually involving multiple touchpoints and strict timelines in order to meet service level agreements (SLAs). And the consequences of falling behind can be more severe, ranging from penalties for SLA failure to fines for non-compliance with industry regulations in areas like anti-money laundering operations in banking.

This is why we have developed CaseworkiQ, a unique workforce management tool developed specifically for back-office operations that deal with case-based work.

What does CaseworkiQ do?

CaseworkiQ helps you to effectively plan resources to match caseload demand, reduce SLA failure, and reduce your exposure to regulatory risk. It includes powerful capabilities that give managers this insight in real time, without them having to spend hours or days collating and analysing data, enabling faster and better decision-making. Using CaseworkiQ, operations leaders will find that it’s easier to understand which cases need prioritising in order to meet SLAs, and to predict how much resource will be needed to get everything done within SLAs – even clearing that case backlog that’s been weighing on everyone’s mind.

How does it work?

CaseworkiQ combines case profiles, progress logs and SLA data with people, capacity, and skills information to create a complete view of your organisation’s case load. Using ActiveOps’ 20 years of operational expertise, CaseworkiQ transforms this data into meaningful real-time insights that enable operations managers to tackle case backlogs, reduce SLA failure, and improve processes based on deep understanding of the effort required to complete cases.

CaseworkiQ enables operations managers and leaders to understand their caseloads and operations in a number of ways. It:

  • Provides real-time visibility into all cases – both at an aggregate and an individual level – enabling effective case management.
  • Shows case and SLA data together, making it easy to see which cases need to be prioritised to avoid SLA failure.
  • Reveals exactly how much effort is required for every case, and all the touchpoints that make up a case, helping you refine processes and eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Shows the distribution of effort on your cases so you can assess the long tail of cases that consume your time.
  • Analyses average handle time for different case types to improve long-term planning.
  • Presents key production metrics to managers in real time, helping them manage resources and workload more effectively.

What are the key capabilities of CaseworkiQ?

Instant SLA monitoring and detailed case insights

CaseworkiQ shows you how your cases are progressing against their SLAs, in real time. That makes it easy to spot which cases you need to prioritise to avoid SLA failure and its associated costs, helping you redirect operations in an instant to keep things on track.

You can also take a deep dive into every case, seeing all the touchpoints in the case and the effort it took to complete the case. With this information you can get a thorough understanding of your cases, and could uncover new insights that lead to process improvements.

Case profiling

With CaseworkiQ you can separate cases into different types based on the activities they involve. This can help you better understand your workload by seeing the balance of different case types in your plan, and help uncover opportunities to upskill employees to reduce bottlenecks associated with particular case types. You can even understand average handling times for different case types, helping to improve your resource planning.

Effort distribution of cases

Instantly see how your team’s effort is distributed across cases. Identify cases that are sucking up the team’s time, and ensure you always have the right level of resource to meet demand by understanding the arrival pattern and variation of cases in your operations.

Key production metrics to manage performance

As with ActiveOps’ other solutions, CaseworkiQ gives you detailed and real-time dashboards that show team and individual performance using standardised measurements. That insight can be used to start productive and objective conversations about performance where needed, identify employees who may need support, and to celebrate high achievers – as well as keeping operations running at optimal efficiency day-to-day.

Fast, data-driven capacity forecast and planning

Using a mix of real-time and historical data, CaseworkiQ makes creating plans simple. You can be confident that plans will ensure all SLAs will be met, even in peak times, and identify surplus capacity at other times that can be released for other activities.

Want to know more?

If CaseworkiQ looks like a good fit for your operations, you can learn more about how it works and how it can help by clicking here, or contact us at

Blog by Peter Cregg, ActiveOps Product Director, CaseworkiQ

Peter has over 15 years’ experience working in operations management spanning across project and programme management, consulting and leading operations divisions.

He joined ActiveOps in 2013 and has been working as a Product Director over the last 5 years bringing operations knowledge into the design and development of the software.