AOM for WorkiQ – A new course from AOM Academy

This month, we’re really excited to be introducing a new course and certification to our AOM Academy, specifically for WorkiQ EPM customers. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why we’re doing this now – and how ActiveOps customers can benefit from this new course.

Why now?

The past year has seen the introduction of a whole variety of different working environments: the office, the home office, the kitchen table, even the guest bedroom and the hotel room. And just like everyone else, our customers have been busy balancing employee performance and wellbeing. This seismic change to work environments has for many organisations highlighted the need for workforce analytics and employee productivity monitoring.

ActiveOps has been supporting organisations to boost employee productivity whether employees worked from the office or from home since 2019, when we acquired OpenConnect and added WorkiQ to the Workware+ suite of solutions. But we wanted to go further in helping organisations derive value from WorkiQ by combining it with the proven Active Operations Method (AOM).

We wanted to ensure that our customers can embed the rhythm and principles of AOM into their business effectively, to increase opportunities for better performance and to ensure a steady pace that avoids employee burnout. That’s why we’ve created a new AOM Academy course and certification for WorkiQ.

I sat down with Kate Schulze, eLearning Content Specialist at ActiveOps, to learn more about the certification and what it means for our customers.

Michael Cupps: Kate, this announcement introduces a new course for Academy members and in particular WorkiQ customers, some of whom may never have experienced the AOM Academy before. What can they expect from the course?

Kate Schulze: AOM for WorkiQ is an online course that introduces the AOM method of managing work to balance cost, quality, and service. The course lets you take the role of a team leader with three team members, giving you hands-on experience balancing the demands of work and the team’s wellbeing in an increasingly complex environment. The course also identifies behaviours of effective managers and explains how to simultaneously increase employee productivity, performance, and the wellbeing of team members. The course finishes with an online exam; once you pass the exam, you get a certificate!

Michael: Back in September we published a blog with Rosie introducing the new Digital Experience Team’s approach to eLearning. How have those concepts been used to enhance this course?

Kate: We’ve worked really hard, first and foremost, to make the course enjoyable for learners – if it’s not fun, then people won’t bother doing it. Behind the scenes, though, we’ve employed a range of evidence-based, best-practice instructional techniques to deliver learning. We waste no time getting learners the information they needs, so they can then get on with their day. To keep things interesting, the course uses a mixture of audio, video, interactive, and plain English content across the two hours or so that it takes to complete the course. Also, we’ve ensured material is accessible and meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 to make it easier for everyone to access our content.

Michael: WorkiQ customers haven’t had the opportunity to be “certified” in the past; what will they gain by being certified?

Kate: We are so excited to be able to offer WorkiQ customers a certification at last! Organisations benefit from the certification in a number of ways. Firstly, they know that their people are properly trained in best practices around productivity management – and now EPM. Secondly, the certification is a visible sign to partners, suppliers and customers that you take workforce and productivity management seriously – which can strengthen your relationship with those parties.

Finally, Academy certifications make your organization more attractive to new talent, and even help the hiring team to identify top talent to recruit. Organizations have started asking for our other certifications when advertising vacant positions – and now, there’s a certification that’s relevant to the world of WFM and EPM.

Michael: Finally, does this announcement affect existing Workware/ControliQ Academy members at all?

Kate: This course is focused specifically on WorkiQ users, so while it uses the same AOM principles that ControliQ customers are familiar with, this course only goes into the details that are relevant to WorkiQ. However, we know that lots of our ControliQ customers are interested in WorkiQ – partially because the pandemic has made the need for solutions like WorkiQ more pressing in the ‘work from anywhere’ and ‘flex time’ workplace. This certification helps ControliQ customers to build consensus and a solid case for investing in WorkiQ, as it demonstrates that employees are already trained in both the software and the principles that drive it.

Michael: This all looks great! What’s next?

Kate: We’re currently reviewing all our certification offerings and investigating how we can provide a more seamless experience between software offerings and the Academy. We are also looking at how we can make it easier for Academy users to progress from our basic certifications right through to coaching certifications, which mean they can train others in their organisation in the principles of AOM. But actually, the Academy is looking good at the moment. We’ve done a lot of work recently to modernise materials and automate some processes, and feedback from the users is positive. And now with the addition of this new course, I’m confident that the AOM Academy is all set to become a leading resource on productivity management best practices.

If you’re a WorkiQ customer that’s already familiar with AOM Academy, simply log in to access our new WorkiQ certification. If you’re new to the Academy, you can find out how to access courses and certifications from your ActiveOps account manager.

And if you’re not yet an ActiveOps customer – but would like to discover the benefits WorkiQ employee productivity monitoring can bring to your business – get in touch with us today to arrange a demo.

“Kate is an experienced eLearning professional with background in government, back office operations and small business, and has expertise in teaching, cyber security, digital content management, and writing for the web. With 15 years of experience as an educator, Kate loves the space between human/computer interaction and empowering people through tech.”

Kate Schulze, eLearning Content and System Specialist, ActiveOps