Casting a positive light on EPM

As employers and employees continue to determine the future of the workplace, it’s right that concerns about performance and wellbeing continue to be top of mind for both parties. Remote and hybrid working models present a new opportunity to transform workplace flexibility and accountability, finding a model that works to benefit both people and businesses. That’s our passion as a business, and what we strive to make possible with our software.

This morning Newsweek posted a summary article from an interview our North American CEO, Spencer O’Leary, gave to KXAN NBC News Austin, TX. While we appreciate the mentions, it appears the Newsweek journalist chose to focus on the negative aspects of the topics covered in the interview instead of the positive potential of employee productivity management (EPM) and workforce management solutions.

We’re glad of the conversation the article has generated, though, as it does help us clarify our mission and our vision for this type of technology. It’s important to recognise (and we do) that technology used badly can have negative effects on employees. But our goal is to combat that misuse of technology. It’s our goal because we firmly believe that, aside from it being the right thing to do ethically, protecting employee wellbeing is ultimately a path to greater productivity and performance than spying on employees and over-monitoring them. Nobody profits from that.

That’s a big part of the reason why ActiveOps created the Active Operations Management methodology that underpins and sits alongside our software. We encourage all our clients to use this methodology to manage their teams positively and ethically, giving people an optimal work-life balance while also boosting productivity for the company. Because the two aren’t opposites. You can achieve both – and doing so will make your organisation more successful than one that focuses on productivity at the detriment of employee wellbeing.

In fact, we recently hosted an AOTv Live event discussing this topic and highlighting a playbook helping enterprises understand the right way to use EPM. You can find both these assets on the links below.

We know that “monitoring technology has real potential to improve the lives of employees” doesn’t generate as many clicks as “big tech companies are spying on employees with monitoring software.” But we also know that journalists have a duty to inform the public of current events and to focus on issues that they deem important to the public. So while we aren't exactly thrilled with the position the Newsweek article took, we do recognise that the conversation about the role of technology in monitoring employees is still ongoing – and we’re grateful for the opportunity to discuss how enterprises can use technology to adapt to new workforce trends, including remote and hybrid working, while doing the right thing for their employees.

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Download our free playbook "The right way to monitor productivity: Building employee wellbeing" here or watch our AOTv Live recording "The fundamentals of effective employee productivity monitoring" here.