ControliQ streamlines operations and supports managers to keep the focus on their people with new tools and enhancements

We built ControliQ to help organisations with large back-office operations to simplify the running of operations, enabling them to transform the quality and precision of operational decisions across the enterprise and to thrive in an increasingly complex and busy environment. From day-to-day management to transformation and change programmes, we aim to support the managers in the middle of it all by giving them back time to focus on their people instead of time-consuming data analysis.

In this blog we’re highlighting a new wave of enhancements and tools in ControliQ, designed to make resource management and planning even more effective and to give team leaders even more powerful tools that help them be more effective at what they do.

Let’s take a closer look:

Fly by Five dashboard – instant access to key operational metrics

This new dashboard gives team managers and senior leaders instant access to five key operational metrics. It’s a snapshot of performance and trends, created using real-time data and built based on ActiveOps’ expertise in operations management, that gives managers instant insights into their operations. That insight shows them where to support their team in order to keep their plans on track, helps them spot issues they can take action to solve, and highlights opportunities to improve operations to maximise performance. Better still – senior leaders can view a Fly by Five report for entire departments or the whole organisation to ensure the health of operations or the impact of transformation programmes.

Outcomes report – a deep dive into how things get done

The Outcomes report shows you a wealth of information about the various outcomes that your organisation creates. It makes it easy to see how different tasks can contribute to specific outcomes, the rate of outcome production in the organisation (or specific locations or teams), or where bottlenecks exist that might be impeding outcome production.

Commenting on plans – real-time communication and collaboration

One of the cornerstones of ControliQ has always been its ability to support collaboration across teams as they plan, working together to achieve collective goals. Now, users can leave comments on plans, explaining decisions or asking for more information in real time, to further improve communication and collaboration between teams. Even better, updates made on plans are automatically logged so that everyone has visibility.

Tagging - additional contextual insights

Users can now also label tasks, outcomes, and activities using tags to add context. This helps provide deeper insights to help drive process and service improvements.

What does it all mean for you?

By simplifying their daily work, minimising time spent on data gathering and analysis, and giving them instant access to detailed performance and planning data, ControliQ helps managers make the right decisions at the right time, to drive the best possible performance.

If you’re already a ControliQ customer, these enhancements are available to you now, so make the most of them; for further details and support contact your ActiveOps Relationship Manager. If you aren’t yet using ControliQ in your business, and these new features have got your attention, just click here to learn more about ControliQ and request a demo, or contact us at

Want to know more?

To find out more about our innovation and what drives our products, watch the recent AOTv Innovating Workforce Management podcast, hosted by Michael Cupps - SVP Marketing, where I discussed with him about how ActiveOps is going beyond traditional management and how we are helping transform the running of operations.

Blog by Ian Carter, ActiveOps Product Director, ControliQ & Insights and Innovation Lab

Ian is the ControliQ and Insight and Innovation Director at ActiveOps. He has worked with ActiveOps for the last 15 years and is an expert in Active Operations Management, using his knowledge and expertise to develop the next generation of workforce optimisation solutions for our customers.