Employee Wellbeing stressing you out? AO on Air discusses some solutions.

In 2022, the questions of workplace wellbeing and flexible working are inextricably linked. In the UK, it was reported last week that on average, workers are going into the office for 1.5 days a week; on a global level, attendance rates in the banking industry (which were the highest scores of any sector) were just 47%. Whether you rail against the news or applaud it, there’s no denying that workers are taking proactive steps to protect their wellbeing – and, increasingly, employers are considering how they can do the same.

If the whole issue of employee wellbeing is giving you a headache, then our most recent episode of AO on Air is well worth a watch. AO on Air is a podcast by ActiveOps where we discuss the latest ends and developments in workforce management, back-office operations, and the art of managing in the 2020s. Our latest episode sees host Michael Cupps chatting about wellbeing with Stuart Pugh, Chief Customer Office at ActiveOps, and Spencer O’Leary, CEO of North America for ActiveOps. You’ll discover:

  • How employee wellbeing is now a board-level issue, on a par with productivity levels
  • The recognition from business leaders that greater wellbeing equates to greater productivity
  • The growing desire from employers to treat their people with humanity and empathy
  • Challenges with collaboration apps like Slack and Teams, which enable communication but add complexity
  • How remote and hybrid working is increasing pressure on employees and making it harder for managers to support their people
  • The need to spot early warning signs and intervene early to prevent rather than cure wellbeing issues
  • How to use data to identify those early warning signs and then monitor for them

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