Happy payback Wednesday!

The most memorable insult that has been thrown at me goes like this:

Alleged Friend: "You go to the gym?"

Stuart: "Yes" I go 5 or 6 times a week."

Alleged Friend: "If I went to the gym as often as you do and look like you do, I'd ask for my money back."

Staying in shape is, we all know, a constant battle. An everyday denial of the things we would really (no matter how we try and pretend otherwise) like to eat, drink and do and in place torturing ourselves in gyms and personal training. (I'm not so great at the self-denial part, I just don't like being hungry).

If you work really hard to get in shape then revert to your old ways, then we all know what happens. The good work is undone and the shape you're in gradually morphs to round.

For service operations managers, this challenge isn't only personal" they are on a constant diet at work. "More for less" becomes embedded within annual operating plan cost reduction targets. Often these are simplistically set (10% less) irrespective of the unique challenge and environment within the organisation and how business volumes are expected to change.

There are lots of corporate fitness gurus at hand to offer advice and solution (business transformation, change, lean, RPA teams etc.) whose solutions promise to shed pounds. The effort that goes into translating these solutions into actual reductions and then the relentless struggle to stop the weight going back on is often undervalued.

What makes this especially hard is the constant sea of change that operations leaders have to manage. Volumes go up and down, SLAs change, processes change in response to regulation.

This is where ActiveOps comes in to play. We get you in shape and keep you there. We're your operations personal trainer.

The personal training comes through an operating rhythm (the healthy diet) and powerful metrics (the scales of truth).

The metrics enable us to measure the financial impact of staying in shape. For our clients who renew their contracts with us at the end of the calendar year, Wednesday 12th February is approximately the date they achieve payback for their renewal investment.

This is one gym membership for which you don't need to ask for your money back.

Happy payback Wednesday.

“Stuart has over 28 years of experience of leading change in service operations. His career has spanned project and programme management, strategy, consulting and leading operations divisions and functions. After 17 years with HSBC working in the UK and India, he moved to Abu Dhabi heading operations for ADCB.

Stuart joined ActiveOps in 2016 and leads its Customer Success function.”

Stuart Pugh, Chief Customer Officer, ActiveOps