Home workers, distributed offices, new working landscapes.

ActiveOps is proud to launch a new free test-drive of WorkiQ allowing a 14 day view into managing the new wave of home and distributed working. Thus, providing visibility as if the workforce is all in a single office.

"The WorkiQ Test-Drive provides organizations with instant access to ActiveOps workforce intelligence solutions where they can discover, play and learn more," explains Kevin Evans, Chief Technology Officer. "Experiencing and understanding how solutions will fit into their business is critical and provides organizations with added assurance that they're choosing the right partner."

Our software is the leading managed operations platform designed to simplify and reduce the cost of running operations. Delivering analysis and optimization of resources, improving service delivery and staff well-being.

WorkiQ for EPM helps customers:

  • Monitor all team members irrespective of location - including homeworkers.
  • Identify time spent in Work applications, websites, and activities.
  • Identify work hours per individual and per team.
  • Compare team members and robots executing the same or similar tasks.
  • Identify training needs or where help may be required.
  • Identify inefficient activities draining your teams' time and attention.

The WorkiQ Test-Drive provides fully functional evaluation, complete with pre-configured workforce reports to measure application usage, the varied and flexible schedules of your remote staff, and details about the time-line of the home working experience.

This saves your IT team time and reduces the need to find server space. Within minutes, our customer gets access to their private environment and an email with further details about getting started. Easy as that!

When the test drive is complete, you can easily choose to extend the service by purchasing licenses from ActiveOps.

If you are interested in taking a test drive of WorkiQ to get a clearer picture of how employee productivity tracking & monitoring can benefit your managers, remote employees AND your company’s bottom line, click here.

“Michael has over 30 years of experience of leading change in sales and marketing operations. His career has spanned the technology sector in BPM, RPA, content management, portals, cybersecurity and community management. This experience performed in startups to established large public companies such as webMethods, Global 360, McAfee, Telligent, and Software AG.

Originally from Texas, after spending time in North Carolina and New York, Cupps has settled for the past 20 years back to Texas and is based in the ActiveOps Dallas office.

Cupps joined ActiveOps in 2019 as a result of the OpenConnect merger.”

Michael Cupps, Senior Vice President Marketing, ActiveOps