Lock it down. The rise of Employee Productivity Monitoring (EPM).

As a large portion of countries around the globe prepare for yet another version of pandemic lockdown, we thought it might be helpful to assemble resources that helped many new and existing customers sort through the new Way of Working.

The most certain thing about the new working environment is the uncertainty of it all. One thing we do know for sure, however, is organizations that have visibility of work, people and time have fared way better than those scrambling to feel connected.

As with any significant shift in working, new categories of solutions arise. This year it has been Employee Productivity Monitoring (EPM).

EPM has emerged with the need to understand performance management, with a disbursed team. The challenge has been that the players entering this market for the first time, are primarily cybersecurity vendors. Considering they are looking for criminals they would suggest keystroke logging and taking surveillance screen captures as reporting tools. ActiveOps would strongly recommend against this approach as it will ambush your company culture and create distrust.

The better approach is focusing on the health of the business and the well-being of your employees.

Throughout the previous lockdowns, we worked hard to provide assets to help you make an informed decision about employee productivity monitoring and the role it may play in your new Way of Working. ActiveOps can advise you whether it is WorkiQ or ControliQ Data Insights, both wrapped in the expertise of AOM, which will be the best solution for your organisation. Operations management by operations people and at scale.

Here we have put together the Top 5 content items to help you sort through the noise and identify the right path for your organisation.

  1. Checklist for Navigating the Hype of Employee Productivity Monitoring from our Head of Products, Shany Elkarat.
  2. How about a recorded webinar highlighting the Essentials of Working from Home hosted by our partner SDLC and featuring Michelle Babich from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota.
  3. An easily-shareable eBook with the best Considerations for Employee Productivity Monitoring for your Remote Workforce.
  4. How about choices? Two videos on our AOTv channel on YouTube.   New Adventures in Home Working (Chapter 2) or  Working in the New Normal.
  5. Time to upskill perhaps? We have even put together a free course for Leading Remote Operations as you manage at a distance, which can prove quite helpful to your managerial confidence and to your remote workers.

Stay safe out there, and please do let us know how we can help you #managedifferently in times of change. If you want to get a conversation started about employee productivity monitoring,please visit us here, and we can get you a demo, software evaluation or just discuss the options.