Meet the latest additions to WorkiQ

ActiveOps recently released for general availability WorkiQ 8.0. This new release provides critical data and insights for operations managers facing the hybrid workforce of the future.

WorkiQ gives operations managers the workforce intelligence to manage effectively in a hybrid environment, making decisions about workload and work location that maximize performance while protecting wellbeing. New capabilities on work location and availability of employees – including eligibility data based on location – are layered on top of real-time data insights on performance, productivity and wellbeing, enabling data-driven decision-making that ultimately improves operational performance, reduces attrition, and enables your enterprise to remain competitive in a volatile world.

Overview of WorkiQ benefits and features


  • Drive better decisions for hybrid workforce optimization and management.
  • Comply with organizational or governmental mandates without sacrificing operational performance.
  • Increase visibility and insights into a hybrid workforce- humans and bots, any location.
  • Spot early and minimize risk of burnout, balancing performance and wellbeing.
  • Reduce operational costs from overtime, outsourcing and talent attrition.


  • Automated, real-time data collection saves time and effort for managers.
  • Deep insights into how work gets done and how that translates into outputs enable productivity improvements.
  • Eligibility data tracks employee availability and compliance by work location.
  • Flexible solution adapts to company workforce intelligence needs and policies
  • Pre-set and customizable reports connect a breadth of insights to enable better decisions.
  • Work location analysis provides comparative view of performance of key metrics, based on location.

New WorkiQ capabilities

To support the increased complexity of managing work, ActiveOps developed three new capabilities for WorkiQ:

Eligibility tracking helps operations managers plan work and resources while remaining compliant with work policies and mandates by showing who is eligible to work from different work locations, without revealing sensitive personal information.


  • Managers can plan more effectively, knowing who is eligible to work from which locations.
  • Fewer eligibility-related surprises keep operations on track and reduce the need for rework of plans.
  • Eligibility data can transform into availability data, providing rich insights into who is able to work from which location and enabling better planning.


  • Flexible configuration enables organizations to set multiple eligibility criteria by country, state, or for different policies.
  • Employees can select their location when working, and upload eligibility data as required for specific locations, which only HR can view.
  • Managers can see instantly who is eligible to work from which locations, and see flags where people are working or are being asked to work from locations they aren’t eligible to.

Hybrid workforce location intelligence helps operations managers to make informed decisions about who works from where to deliver maximum productivity and performance, by layering location data over traditional performance metrics to produce an instant comparison.


  • Managers can make informed decisions about location to boost productivity and performance in day-to-day running of operations.
  • Employees can understand how their location affects their performance, empowering them to make conscious decisions about where they work and seek support from managers if needed.
  • Leaders gain insight into how location affects their strategic objectives around hybrid working.


  • Employees can set their work location with one click.
  • Organizations can easily configure locations including home, office locations, or other work locations.
  • Reports connect and compare key productivity, performance and wellbeing metrics by location.

Automated task counter (Collector) seamlessly counts the volume of completed work tasks, helping managers to connect time spent with actual output effortlessly and fine-tune how they manage workload to balance wellbeing with productivity and performance.


  • Enhanced insights connecting how employees spend their time and work they complete.
  • Better workload management to balance performance with wellbeing to reduce the risk of employee burnout and its associated costs.
  • Increased team efficiency resulting in reduced overtime and outsourcing.


  • Automated, real-time capture of work counts wherever employees are working.
  • Easy-to-configure work activities.
  • Seamless integration of data into existing WorkiQ interactive dashboards.

Want to know more?

These new functionalities are available as part of the WorkiQ Premium package. You can learn more about WorkiQ here, or contact us at Existing customers can benefit from these new capabilities by contacting their ActiveOps Relationship Manager to discuss their options.