Method to the madness.

2020 is undoubtedly something to be amazed by. We are all experiencing it firsthand, but sometimes it feels like a Netflix series rather than the local News.

From COVID, wildfires in Australia and California, Brexit, murder hornets, and hurricanes. The year is full of strange and unusual chaos in our personal and professional lives. And just this month the UK is preparing for a second version of lockdown.

Front and centre for ActiveOps customers have been the disruption in Operations that have resulted in the new madness of 2020. The massive scale of team members pushed to work remotely has been a phenomenon that companies had to accommodate, motivate, and manage while uncertainty surrounded the business and their employees. Employee productivity monitoring has taken centre stage for Ops, HR and all remote working.

The good news is we see incredible stories of acclimation to this new 'way of working', or should we say the new 'way of living'. On the personal front, we are witnessing 'Contactless' shopping, 'Virtual' everything from meetings, happy hours, doctor visits, and even schools. We are a resilient race and given challenges, we seem to find a way to thrive.

Looking at historical or modern adaptations to chaotic situations, we see standard methods evolve to handle and work through the madness. Whether it be military, communities re-building following a natural disaster, or even people dealing with personal addictions. Common themes seem to rise to the top as the best tactics. There are droves of books and papers written on these stories. We vetted it down to a few key actions that rise to the top as keys to navigating a path out of the madness. Assess, Organize, and Manage will capture the essential elements, of taking control of the things you can; to confront the things you cannot change.

Assess (Visibility) - When presented with unusual or chaotic situations, one must first understand the dynamics and conditions surrounding the current position.

Organize (Insights) - To develop a plan, once you have the assessment of data, it is crucial to begin aligning the available resources with the goal to deploy.

Manage (Control) - Once you have the data and available resources aligned, then it is time to act. All resources are performing the role or skill with the appropriate information to execute the plan.

Finding Your Method to the 2020 Madness has a lot of elements. However, in the world of Service Operations, we see our customers adapt and grow, while other companies not as prepared falling behind. We provide solutions and frameworks for you to Assess, Organize, and Manage with our Workware+ platform and our AOM methodology to carry out a winning plan. We will also be introducing you to the OpsIndex providing the Operational Performance Scorecards for your business (at an Enterprise and Department levels) supported by community, country, and sector/industry benchmarking. Also don't miss a free training opportunity for your Managers and Leaders of Remote Operations.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be providing tips and tricks via infographics, videos, case studies, and other methods to help you take control of the madness surrounding service operations. Identifying areas to assess the new working environment through our real-time data collection and data insights. Putting this data to work while you organize your scenario planning and loading meetings. Managing your team to outperform with eLearning and coaching to make the most of this new normal opportunity. It is not a time to just survive. Now is the time to Thrive. To end this blog, let's hear from a few of those customers.

“Throughout Quarter 1 2020, we have multiple events that have caused disruption to our operations in the Philippines and Australia, including extreme weather and pandemic situations.

It has been invaluable to have a global view of all of our offices and manage workloads.

The ease of having Workware+ solutions available to our staff has meant, regardless of where they are working from, we can keep track of both performance and forecast volumes and make the appropriate decisions accordingly.”

Elle Bianco, Leader Vendor Management Offshore, CoreLogic

“I’m really impressed with how well our operations are coping and responding proactively to the pandemic. The people that have used Workware for some time have continued to seamlessly despite the unpredictable and continually changing circumstances.

The whole cycle has continued remotely and proven effective in delivering everything we need. Senior leaders that don’t use the solution directly have found the speed and availability of data to be invaluable in assuring our clients that our service has not been impacted negatively.”

Gemma Carter, Head of Operational Excellence, DST