ActiveOps–Microsoft partnership expands

Some things, the saying goes, get better with age. Fine wines, brandy, relationships – all improve with the passing of time. In this blog, I’m proud to say that our relationship with Microsoft is no exception to this rule.

ActiveOps is already a Microsoft Gold Partner and has been since January 2018. Among other things, that means that our Workware+ platform, comprising our WorkiQ and ControliQ solutions, are powered by Microsoft Azure. Whether you license our SaaS offering or choose to deploy in your private cloud, this partnership provides options. Our partnership has meant that our customers can benefit from the power of Microsoft and Azure computing, including data centres across the globe, the highest security and availability, and the reliability and trust that the Microsoft brand delivers.

But, as time has rolled on, our work with Microsoft has evolved too. In particular, three new developments will make a big difference to our customers – and to enterprises using Microsoft Azure who are considering investing in employee productivity.

1: WorkiQ can now be deployed quickly in your Azure tenant

We’ve created a standard Azure image of WorkiQ, which can be deployed to your Azure environment in minutes and then grown or customised later if your needs change. This standard image replaces a lot of manual configuration and IT project time when rolling out WorkiQ in your organisation. There’s no more waiting weeks or months for infosec audits or a gap in the IT project team schedule.

Now, you can get started with WorkiQ in record time, enabling you to start realising the benefits of EPM almost instantly.

2: Customers can trial WorkiQ via the Azure cloud

Although WorkiQ has been available with cloud options for a long time, customers wanting to trial the software have had to install a copy on their local server – at least until now.

Now, anyone who is interested in testing WorkiQ can activate a 30-day trial in their Azure space – just like that. The environment is ready to go and enables you to prove the concepts of EPM quickly within a secure and well-known environment, where you retain total control of your data. Once you are done with the trial, it is easy to use the same cloud instance for production with a simple conversion of the license key in WorkiQ.

3: Azure enterprise customers can purchase Workware+ licenses via Microsoft

We’re really excited about this one. Our relationship with Microsoft means that if you’re an Azure enterprise customer, you can add licenses for either of our Workware+ products – ControliQ and WorkiQ – as part of your Microsoft contract.

You’ll still deal with us, but this new arrangement means that you can leverage your existing relationship with Microsoft to create bespoke offers for Workware+ and purchase them through Microsoft - removing the need to go through lengthy contracts and purchasing processes. It could even save you money in the process – and you can pay for it from the pot of money already budgeted and committed with Microsoft (your “MACC”), meaning no extra cash impact, and your discount eligibility can be maintained.

We know that 2021 will see a lot more change for organisations as they adapt to post-Covid working practices and the distributed & flexible workforce’s realities. It’s one of the reasons we believe in the power of management process automation solutions like Workware+, and one of the reasons our partnership with Microsoft is so valuable. With Workware+ running in Azure, enterprises can empower managers to protect productivity and wellbeing anywhere, any time – even when working with remote teams. As a result, organisations will enjoy the full advantages of the new ways of working that employees and customers expect, without risking productivity or the health of their employees.

To learn more about the partnership between ActiveOps and Microsoft and what it can do for your operational efficiency, productivity, and workplace wellbeing, click here to read our one-pager.