Your checklist for navigating the hype of Employee Productivity Monitoring.

In the recently released update to the Gartner Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, Employee Productivity Monitoring is listed for the first time amongst the innovative solutions that are currently generating significant market interest.

In the recently released update to the Gartner Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, Employee Productivity Monitoring is listed for the first time amongst the innovative solutions that are currently generating significant market interest. ActiveOps is keen to see this trend become front and centre as we have been helping companies evolve their home or remote working strategies years before the pandemic. Employee productivity is the key to enabling positive outcomes for both the employee well-being and the company objectives.

Employee Productivity Monitoring (EPM) is the name Gartner has given to solutions like WorkiQ from ActiveOps (automated monitoring of desktop activity to manage time and performance). Gartner and other analysts have reported a significant increase in interest levels in this type of solution since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic - primarily due to the remote working demands now facing all organisations.

We thought it might be helpful to put together a short 'checklist' to this evolving space.

Many of our customers had already begun a performance management journey, not out of COVID induced panic, but more a strategic approach for flexible work programs. They were designed to increase employee retention and bonus programs, while also offering critical data useful to Operations, Finance, and HR about the evolving nature of work.

While there is a long list of "new" vendors to the EPM space, many do not specialize in operations management, and as Gartner correctly observes, the reality is that you need the right tool for the job. You won't use a ruler if you need to take someone's temperature. Equally, your speed-o-meter doesn't report the fuel left in the tank.

So why now would you use an endpoint spyware solution or digital experience monitoring for your employee's work balance?

The stress workers faced with the rush to work from home involved many aspects of life mixed in with the need to work. Companies that understood this, focused on transparency and data that created opportunities to foster flexibility and production.

With this in mind and considering our decade of helping large insurance and banking customers design and deliver successful remote working environments with WorkiQ, here is a quick 'checklist' when considering a move into Employee Performance Monitoring.

  1. The obvious. Choose a solution built for the measurement and optimization of operations, one that empowers employees, a Theory Y approach. The intended purpose is to ensure operational improvement first and foremost.
  2. Focus on scale and ease of deployment. Find an EPM solution that is engineered to quickly deploy to hundreds and thousands of desktops easily and designed to handle the volume of real-time capture of events. The best test for this is to ask for large-scale customers with thousands of concurrent real-time collectors already operational.
  3. Out of the box reporting and dashboards created by operations leaders for operations leaders. Why spend weeks defining and creating bespoke reports when you can get benefits flowing immediately with ready-made best practice.
  4. Operations people know you aren't looking for the rogue security event but are looking for the positive trends or superstars to raise the team's collective performance.
  5. As observed by Gartner, productivity is highly context-specific. Make sure your employee productivity monitoring solution has a range of capabilities to provide a view into capacity, balance, and time. Evaluate vendors based on their portfolio of workforce management solutions including the training and certifications.

This isn't a band-aid; it is a methodology. In ActiveOps we look beyond the technology abilities. WorkiQ empowered with AOM methodology coaches and provides tools to your managers to make the right business decisions while maintaining high motivation rate and sense of engagement with your employees. It is not a matter of just knowing who's doing what, but more how with WorkiQ visibility and insight your managers drive the business to make the right decisions.

Ensure your vendor provides coaching and certification opportunities to truly help your organization lift the collective operations intelligence and is equipped to help you execute your remote and flexible work programs. Check out AOM for WorkiQ here.

WorkiQ has been used by many companies to pioneer and qualify a remote working program. Please contact us, and we can help with the details or put you in touch with a customer.

In the meantime, if you want more practical information, you can check out this recorded webinar featuring an insurance company discussing the use of transparency managing remotely.

Webinar: Remote Working Essentials

For more information about the Gartner report, see the Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace with your Gartner subscription.

Lastly, please download our buyer’s checklist for EPM – 5 Big Things You Should Know About Employee Productivity Monitoring. Keep it with you as you compare solutions and services so that you get the best EPM system possible for the needs of your people and your growing business.

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