Rewriting the future of operations

Operations have consumed my working life. Apart from brief spells in strategy and branch banking, I’ve spent nearly 30 years running and improving service operations. In my eyes operations is a profession, if an under-valued one.

Over the last two years we have seen operations professionals do an incredible thing. Overnight they rewrote the rules of working life to keep their businesses going. What had been unthinkable two weeks earlier became the new normal.

The sacrifices made kept our societies going. Payments continued to flow, insurance policies protected us from the worst that life could throw our way, businesses were supported with new lending schemes, those in work were paid and those on furlough were helped to manage the financial impact. Long regarded as rigid and rules bound, operations professionals had shown extraordinary imagination, commitment, flexibility, and leadership.

As across the world we learn to live with Covid in our different ways, what do we as a profession do next? There may be a natural desire to return to the perceived level of control of the past. Are the risks of home working fully mitigated or are they lying in wait to bite us? How do we use our imagination and energy to genuinely transform the experience of our customers rather than put sticking plasters on the limitations of our systems? What’s the best relationship to have with the businesses we support? As part of their team, a shared service or within structures aligned around customer journeys? What are the implications for the technology we use to support us and the management processes we employ to run our operations?

These themes and many more will be explored in this year’s ActiveOps Conference. Join us and get the insights of ActiveOps and your peers in ‘Rewriting the Future of Operations’. You can register here.

About Stuart Pugh, Chief Customer Officer, ActiveOps

Stuart has over 28 years of experience of leading change in service operations. His career has spanned project and programme management, strategy, consulting and leading operations divisions and functions. After 17 years with HSBC working in the UK and India, he moved to Abu Dhabi heading operations for ADCB.

Stuart joined ActiveOps in 2016 and leads its Customer Success function.