What are your industry peers doing with ActiveOps?

Everyone has an opinion. If you’re reading this post, you’ve likely perused our website and are perhaps aware at this point that ActiveOps has a solution to help your business problem, and you’re probably right. But don't take it from me, let’s hear from those with opinions that really matter... your fellow industry peers.

“I’m really impressed with how well our operations are coping and responding proactively to the pandemic. The people that have used Workware for some time have continued seamlessly despite the unpredictable and continually changing circumstances. The whole cycle has continued remotely and proven effective in delivering everything we need. Senior leaders that don’t use the solution directly have found the speed and availability of data to be invaluable in assuring our clients that our service has not been impacted negatively.”

Gemma Carter, Head of Operational Excellence, DST

ActiveOps have been working with IFDS, DST and now SS&C in various guises since 2008. From the initial implementation in their large back-office sites in Essex and India to the recent expansion into their US business, the focus has always been around building the capability of their people. In March 2022, we saw DST announced as winners of the award for Operational Excellence in the BPO category at The ActiveOps Awards.

When it comes to talking about improved employee morale and empowering their people, Suzanne Avent, Senior Operations Manager, Operations and Delivery at Nationwide, so succinctly explained,

“We are much more agile now. NAOM has transformed our culture and empowered our people. We give our customers a better service and there is less stress”.

That, quite simply, is why we do what we do – taking the guess work and stress out of running operations was one of the core motives behind ActiveOps CEO and Co-Founder, Richard Jeffery launching the company all those years ago (2005 in case you were wondering).

Nigel Adams, Manager of Operations and Services at National Australia Bank (NAB), talks about the basics of planning and forecasting and the positive impact that has had on NAB.

“The basic question has always been the same: how many people do I need to work in my center next Thursday? That comes down to two things: how much work is coming in, and what we can do. We can now forecast very accurately how much work will come in, and we can now calculate what we can do. It’s a fundamental change in the philosophy of how the business runs – and it works”.

If you are not an ActiveOps customer, get in touch and we would enjoy showing you how we helped others improve operational efficiency and increase productivity.

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