BPO Benefits

Are you maximising the margin from your contracts?

Irrespective of what stage an outsourced contract is in its lifecycle ActiveOps can help. 

Whether you are just starting the bidding process or renewing a contract or somewhere in between ActiveOps solutions can help maximize the customer value, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Explore the graphic below to learn more and contact us to see how ActiveOps could help you.

Business Development
  • Build business cases based on accurate operations performance data

  • Present highly competitive bids

  • Provide evidence of best practices

  • Demonstrate diagnostic and business case tools

  • Identify latent capacity

  • Validate improved quality in solutions delivery

  • Actively support the due diligence process

  • Visibility and control of transferred operations

  • Support the knowledge transfer process 

  • Delivers an additional 15 – 25%+ productivity gain

  • Latent capacity can be re-invested to reduce costs

  • Improve change & planning and cost efficiency

  • Ensure benefits are sustained and maintained

  • Identify new business and customer value 

  • Lower bid price from lower cost delivery solution

  • Reduce cost to client organisation

  • Identify new operational operations opportunities

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BPO: Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated 

ActiveOps – providing Cloud-based Digital Operations Management to optimise back offices globally.