Do more with less during turbulent times

Join us at Capacity 22, 12th October 2022, London

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Capacity 22 | October 12 | London Science Museum

As an operations leader, you are continually faced with increased scrutiny over costs and the need to eke out as much productivity as you can – all without degrading your customer experience.

As we head towards some turbulent times the focus on cost and productivity will only increase, with many businesses already starting to evaluate levers such as redundancies.

Join us at Capacity 22 in London - where we’ll be sharing our latest product developments and practical advice from customers and your peers – all focused on gearing you up to do more with less.

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Learn how:

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Use our latest AI and ML data engines to gain better visibility to drive timely and effective decision making

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Leverage ActiveOps to drive more productivity by integrating your existing technology investments in workflow, bots and planning

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Monitor burnout and fatigue in your teams, ensuring you always have one eye on how your teams are coping

A great line-up of speakers

Dr Mona Ashok
Henley Business School
Francois Louw
South African rugby
Angela Vernes
Sindhu Sundaravadivelu
David O'Riordan
Derek Young
Hayley Jordon
Vincent Brennan
John Henderson
Jonathan Astley
PwC Operate
Jim Byrne
Melissa Gagnon
TD Bank
Richard Jeffery
Kevin Evans
Bhavesh Vaghela
Michael Cupps
Ian Carter
Peter Cregg
Phil Moody
Santosh Joy

This year, Capacity 22 will be held at the iconic London Science Museum.

Welcoming over 3 million visitors a year, the Science Museum is must-see for families and adults as part of any trip to London. Founded in 1857, the museum aims to make sense of the science that shapes our lives, inspiring visitors with iconic objects, award-winning exhibitions, beautiful galleries, hands-on workshops, science demonstrations and incredible stories of scientific achievement.

Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD

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Join us on 12th October 2022

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