Winners and Losers So Far…

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As the pandemic’s impact settles across our world and morphs from crisis to a chronic condition, real differences are emerging between organisations and their performance to date.

By Richard Jeffery, CEO ActiveOps

Where is Your Organisation on the Path to Optimising Your Newly Remote Workforce?

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The good news is you probably have the first few stages partially completed. You got laptops configured, set up VPN’s and ensured everyone has access to the programs and software they need. Congratulations, you didn’t fall at the first hurdle..

A Guest Post By Ray Bowe - CEO Xcentuate -

Schrödinger’s CEO

No, thankfully I am not going to talk about quantum superposition, or to try and emulate the famous scientist, but you have probably heard of Schrödinger’s cat and the cat in the box analogy, haven’t you?

So, let’s place our CEO in a sealed box in place of the much-abused Viennese feline

By Richard Schiller - Product Manager ControliQ ActiveOps

Where We’ll Work?

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Across our client base we have seen a 9-10% fall in productivity in each week since the move to remote working. That’s a big change. To do the same amount of work that you did before you’d need to hire 10% more people.

By Staurt Pugh - Head of Customer Success - ActiveOps

Good Decision Making in a Crisis

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Helping your children with their education during these times is a salutary lesson. I’ve always known that I could never be a teacher, but hadn’t realised just what a gift teachers possess..

By Staurt Pugh - Head of Customer Success - ActiveOps

Simplifying Control in the Back Office is Key to Transformation

Organizations are eager to transform their business to keep up with rapid changes in the marketplace, but they are being held back by visibility and complexities in the back office

Reproduced with Permission from Rancoteur March 2020

Home Workers, Distributed Offices, New Working Landscapes

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ActiveOps is proud to launch a new free 14 day test-drive of WorkiQ.  This test drive allows a unique way of managing the new wave of home and distributed working.  Thus, providing visibility as if the teams or teams are all in a single office.

Michael Cupps - SVP Marketing - ActiveOps

The Unexpected Arrival of Disrupted Service Operations

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Ops managers are having to respond to a global event in which technology can play a vital role in keeping operations working.

The urgent need to relocate workers at home has come long before many ops managers have had the opportunity to plan for it let alone test it with the luxury of a dry run.

Richard Jeffery - Group Chief Executive - ActiveOps