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ActiveOps adopts Dallas as it US base

Dallas Innovates spoke with ActiveOps' CEO about the company's future—including its new Dallas headquarters.

With the post-deal dust beginning to settle, how OpenConnect’s technology and the Dallas location fit into ActiveOps’ strategy is becoming clearer.

Introducing Workware+ and ControliQ – Proven to Simplify Operations

The last few months have been an exciting and busy time at ActiveOps. Our development team have been hard at work finalising a new platform for all our digital operations management applications designed to help our customers simplify the running of their operations.

WorkiQ is Citrix Ready — and What That Means

WorkiQ is Citrix Ready — and we’re very proud of that. However, it does bring up two obvious questions. First, what does it mean? Second, what difference does it make? 

I’m going to try to answer those for you in reverse order. (After all, if it makes no difference, it doesn’t matter what it means.)