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Checklist for Navigating the Hype of Employee Productivity Monitoring

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Employee Productivity Monitoring amongst the list of innovative solutions that are currently generating significant market interest./br>

By Shany Elkarat -Head of Products - ActiveOps

Covid-19 Testing Business Practices

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Covid-19 tested business practices way beyond any previous real-life situation or stress test scenario imaginable. Operational control was key to providing some level of continued service and to gain control you need visibility

By Emma Price -Strategic Projects - ActiveOps

To be centralised or not to be centralised

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Watching governmental responses to the pandemic we have seen a debate played out. Is it better to have centralised or decentralised systems when dealing with a crisis?

By Staurt Pugh - Head of Customer Success - ActiveOps

ActiveOps Academy – Managing Work@Home 2020 Course

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Our Coaches, Implementation Specialists and our Relationship Managers recognise the need for a consistent method to support remote and office workers..

By Daniel Katz - Solution Lead - ActiveOps

Winners and Losers So Far…

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As the pandemic’s impact settles across our world and morphs from crisis to a chronic condition, real differences are emerging between organisations and their performance to date.

By Richard Jeffery, CEO ActiveOps

Where is Your Organisation on the Path to Optimising Your Newly Remote Workforce?

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The good news is you probably have the first few stages partially completed. You got laptops configured, set up VPN’s and ensured everyone has access to the programs and software they need. Congratulations, you didn’t fall at the first hurdle..

A Guest Post By Ray Bowe - CEO Xcentuate -

Schrödinger’s CEO

No, thankfully I am not going to talk about quantum superposition, or to try and emulate the famous scientist, but you have probably heard of Schrödinger’s cat and the cat in the box analogy, haven’t you?

So, let’s place our CEO in a sealed box in place of the much-abused Viennese feline

By Richard Schiller - Product Manager ControliQ ActiveOps

Where We’ll Work?

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Across our client base we have seen a 9-10% fall in productivity in each week since the move to remote working. That’s a big change. To do the same amount of work that you did before you’d need to hire 10% more people.

By Staurt Pugh - Head of Customer Success - ActiveOps