Workforce management for service operations.

Optimise the use of employee capacity and skills. Improve productivity and balance wellbeing.

Running operations is getting harder, with increasingly faster and more complex environments – from hybrid or remote working challenges, to increased compliance and pressure to drive transformation. This makes it difficult to make timely decisions and manage performance that ensures the optimal level of productivity to achieve business goals and service, cost and quality targets.

ControliQ is a workforce management solution that helps organisations drive optimal productivity and operational performance by providing single view of real-time operations data, actionable insights, and intelligent management automation tools to forecast, plan, manage capacity, and balance performance and wellbeing.

Numbers can be overwhelming. That’s why we speak human.

We are here to help you understand how ControliQ can help improve business operations and increase employee productivity.

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Drive optimal operational performance

Achieve peak performance of your people. Improve productivity and optimise performance by leveraging collective capacity and skills across the organisation through easily reallocating work and resources. Real-time insights enable managers to take timely actions to meet stretch productivity goals, protect wellbeing and reduce operational costs.

Develop faster, more accurate plans

Improve the accuracy of your forecasts with data-driven plans powered by integrated operational data. Build plans faster in one-click, taking into account all the variables in workload and availability – even in hybrid work environments. Equip workforce management teams, department leaders and managers with the insights and tools to collaborate, plan and review forecast work and capacity in real time, helping to effectively align plans and goals.

Gain a complete view and maximise insights from existing systems

Gain a 360° view of real-time operational data. ControliQ combines performance data from systems across your whole organisations and instantly turns it into real-time insights to enable better, timely decisions at every level. This helps reduce the effort of collating and analysing data, whilst breaking down silos to provide a complete picture.

Build capabilities, resilience, and agility

Equip your people with the right tools, processes and skills to execute on immediate plans and build future-ready capabilities by combining workforce optimisation technologies with a proven operations management framework – the Active Operations Management (AOM). Invest in the development of your management and employees through the AOM certifications to improve the performance management and control of your operations.

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Benchmark operational performance

Drive improvements across the operation and aim to achieve operational excellence. OpsIndex helps you evaluate your operational performance and see how you compare against the best in your region and sector. This helps drive a competitive advantage, informs continuous improvement and transformation programmes.

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Put your employee experience at the heart of your operations

Create a healthy, motivating environment, reduce stress and minimise risk of burnout through providing the optimal level of workload and supporting employees to grow and drive peak performance. Enable them to own their development with access to insights showing their performance and progress, and how they compare against their peers. Reward high performance behaviours. Employees are empowered to manage their days and weeks feeling accomplished, confident and able to balance work and personal life.

See ControliQ in action.

The team at ActiveOps is at your side for your entire journey with ControliQ – as we have been for over 20 years. That starts with showing you what ControliQ does and the potential it has for your organisation. To get in touch with us, just fill out the form.

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