Planned productivity, balanced results.

A clear line of sight.

ActiveOps cloud-based ControliQ employee performance management solution uncovers opportunities for managers to simplify running operations, be in control and increase productivity. This enterprise-wise performance view creates clarity around workflow and capacity for people and automated robots. Allowing team leaders to monitor and adapt in real time to focus on what matters most.

Numbers can be overwhelming. That’s why we speak human.

We are here to help you understand how ControliQ can help improve business operations and increase employee productivity.

Team productivity

Make data-driven decisions that actually add up.

ActiveOps ControliQ gives managers the tools and insights to increase team productivity through automated data driven planning and forecasting tools which result in ongoing control of resources at the optimal levels.

This globally proven business control framework, across enterprise level banks, health, Insurance and BPOs, assures optimal management activities to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Real-time forecast

Powered by Workware+

ControliQ is powered by Workware+, the platform technology of complex unique calculations, Machine Learning and AI algorithms.

Department leaders and managers collaborate, plan and review forecast work and capacity in real time.

This is accomplished by gaining the visibility of business capacity trends to refine a superior accurate way to forecast the future, on a central organizational view as well as all the way to a single team operation.

FocusiQ for case and knowledge work

Stay in control of deadlines and expectations.

ActiveOps has introduced FocusiQ to enable the same proven methods for Case and Knowledge workers. This time-based work is guided by the same principles of AOM while accommodating the various requirements to track and measure productivity for other teams.

FocusiQ provides immediate views into the performance of casework and team outcomes. It standardizes the operating rhythm for the team while progressing urgent and high-value work. All while giving managers an essential view of capacity and hours spent by work type.

ControliQ incorporates ActiveOps’ Active Operation Management (AOM) process to enable:

  • Rapid deployment of team productivity tools, delivered at scale, without business disruption.
  • Software-led automation of planning and forecasting lead to accuracy and timely business focused decisions.
  • Optimal balance between employees’ performance vs. work in task, investment in training and upskills and wellbeing.
  • Optimisation to accurately plan work against capacity for the short, medium and longer term.
  • Consistency across the business operations to ensure workers reach their full capacity.
  • Operations Industry Benchmarks at the global, regional and sector level.
  • Elimination or extremely reduced overhead costs.
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While our platform gives you the control and brings automation to your management process, our experienced team is here with you throughout your experience with ActiveOps, that’s something we will never automate.

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