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Visibility and insight for improved productivity.

Employee productivity monitoring (EPM) software is not merely the act of recording screens and tracking keystrokes. Ethical tools to measure employee productivity, such as WorkiQ from ActiveOps, can play a foundational role in maintaining employee wellbeing and work output.

EPM gives employees tools to take more control over their work experience and to make informed decisions about the use of their time. And ethical EPM places the emphasis not on surveillance and corporate oversight, but rather on employee wellness, performance, and employee empowerment.

EPM done right

The right EPM empowers employees.

It is hard for an employee to understand their own performance, because measuring “good” is subjective. EPM software allows an employee to assign real metrics to what a good day looks like — and a bad one — so they know where to aim when they sit down to their workday. An ethical, employee-focused EPM solution works alongside of employees to help guide them to greater job satisfaction and higher output, without higher stress.

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EPM Done Right

Case study

An organization was preparing to place an employee on a performance improvement plan (PIP) for low productivity. But using an EPM provider, they were able to see that the employee wasn’t slacking off or performing below their ability — they were simply spending so much time in the training modules learning how to do the new tasks they were assigned that it was taking time away from other responsibilities. Thanks to this insight, the employee’s manager was able to intervene, adjust the employee’s tasks, and save the relationship.

Studies show that the great majority of employees don’t mind being observed once they understand the monitoring is in place for their own use to help them stay on course, keep a tab on their working hours, and gain more autonomy about when and where they choose to work.

Ethical monitoring and measuring tools show managers both sides of the spectrum of employee productivity.

For example, EPM data might reveal that an employee is highly productive, but they are logging into systems seven days a week for 12 hours a day, indicating potential burnout. On the other side, an employee might be missing deadlines, but EPM data reveals that an evaluation of their workload indicates they are being assigned tasks they are not trained or qualified to do.

An effective EPM strategy, and the right tool for measuring productivity, provides insightful data that organizations can use not just to improve productivity for the organization, but workers’ satisfaction and workplace happiness.

Make meaningful, data-driven decisions.

WorkiQ captures data at both the aggregate and individual level. Understanding employee productivity at the individual, team, departmental, and organizational levels allows an organization to monitor overall trends, uncover leading themes, and make the data practical, not punitive.

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Case study

A financial institution used EPM software to observe an alarming workforce trend: before the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the organization saw about five hours of work for every seven hours an employee was paid for. Once the pandemic struck, that number dropped to four hours. EPM software, applied correctly with employee wellbeing in mind, helped the organization find the gap for more than 15,000 staff members — an incredible cost savings for the bottom line.

Capturing data at the aggregate and individual levels in real-time also allows an organization to uncover bigger, company-wide trends that can drive overall business efficiency.

Essentially, managers are looking for the good in the data – not the bad. Data reveals why one team has better results than another, allowing managers to quickly learn from the good and share with other teams. Closing the feedback loop between new best practices and company-wide implementation, can have an enormous positive impact on the team.

Employees and teams who know their managers assume they are hard-working and attentive to their jobs, can then see that employee productivity monitoring is a powerful and useful tool to help them manage their workday, whether in the office or remote.

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