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Employee Productivity

Dedicated to all employees

A platform that can capture workforce analytics from desktop activity for all employees whether they are in the office or remote.

WorkiQ Screenshot
  • Activity tracking
  • Desktop mining
  • Actionable performance insight
  • Real-time dashboards

Workforce Management

Dedicated to operations and specialists

A cloud-based solution that uncovers opportunities for managers to simplify running operations and increase productivity.

ControliQ Screenshot
  • Capacity management
  • Outcome measurement
  • Actionable performance insight
  • Data consolidation & verification

Workforce Management

Dedicated to case working environments

A solution that enables smarter management of capacity and caseloads, while meeting compliance commitments.

CaseworkiQ Screenshot
  • SLA monitoring
  • Case progress tracker
  • Complete case insights
  • Capacity and caseload balancing

A powerful workforce management solution.

Designed for operations management, organisations have used ActiveOps employee performance management tools to eliminate manual data collection, improve forecasting and propel planning. We deliver a 360 degree view of your workforce, your process and opportunities to improve through our ActiveOps software solutions, AOM Method, and OpsIndex.

The method behind the madness.

Embedded in our workforce optimisation solutions, the Active Operations Management (AOM) method is a key component in automating management process and optimising worker productivity to deliver customer success.

Comparison is key.

OpsIndex, the world’s first Workforce Management Operations Index & Benchmark, provides a true, unbiased comparison to how your service operations are performing against your competitors – regardless of geography or function.

Our solutions work for you.

WorkiQ is our workforce intelligence solution that measures employee productivity, provides data with purpose, tangible insights, and improved employee well-being. ControliQ is a workforce management software solution that enables managers to simplify the running of operations, be in control and increase productivity.

Keep your process and your people healthy.

Employee productivity and their well-being is on you. Exploiting the strengths and opportunities of enterprise performance management is at the helm of our solutions. From the back office to the front lines, humans to automation, we work with you to steer the workforce towards the most productive and healthiest destination for everyone on board.

Make the right moves with confidence.

Data without purpose is just a bunch of numbers to sort through. Our workforce optimisation solutions give managers guidance, transparency and the insights they need to focus on increasing team productivity. Making it easy to monitor staff performance, elevate employee morale and productivity, ultimately improving business as usual.

Super Manager Illustration
Our Management Process Automation platform supercharges managers with timely, accurate insight.

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