Employee Productivity Monitoring with WorkiQ

Purpose to the data. Power to the people.

Data by itself amounts to a big pile of nothing. Make sure your EPM solution shows capacity, balance and time, so decisions are backed with a “why.”

Focus on what's really important.

Prioritize your team's well-being while focusing on critical business decisions.

Rely on a market leading expert.

A proven set of reports and best practices for Operations from Operations people.

Guide employee productivity with accurate real-time data.

Interactive insights and dashboards for team members, managers and executives.

Promote an environment of respect and trust.

Safeguard your employee's privacy with no keystroke logging or screen recording tech.

Scale up your potential.

Manage and deploy to thousands of users with desktop and network data collection with little impact to IT resources.

New trends ask for new tools.

Let's face it. 2020 has given life to new working trends and needs. As a consequence of remote work, EPM has emerged as an invaluable tool to optimise productivity and support home workers in their day-to-day tasks. With its easy to use dashboards and proactive alerts, our employee productivity monitoring solution can capture real-time stats and transform it into purposeful data that in turn enables better work balance, performance and time management. We firmly believe spying is a counterproductive approach. Choosing WorkiQ from ActiveOps means choosing an EPM framework designed with people's well-being in mind.

We choose purpose and people. Always. That's who we are.

Illustration showing manager on device monitoring globally his team

Ingredients to WorkiQ' EPM success.


Serving the world's largest financial services companies since 2005.


An employee productivity solution designed with Operations and Human Resources in mind.


A proven methodology used to successfully coach our customers.

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