Employee Productivity Monitoring

Snitches get stitches.

Getting EPM wrong is painful.
Avoid the pain with WorkiQ.

Illustration showing manager on device monitoring globally his team

Watchdog? No, thank you.

Let's face it. EPM has become necessary with the displacement of bum on seats, time-clocks and line of sight. However, getting your employees' well-being wrong could be costly to your plans. You don't use a security guard for seating guests at a restaurant. You use a host that knows how to balance work, experience, and location. Likewise, EPM shouldn't be about cybersecurity tracking; but about having the right tools to lead your team in their day-to-day routine, especially during unusual circumstances. We believe purposeful guidance and trust are the keys to successful teams.

Choosing WorkiQ from ActiveOps means choosing an EPM framework designed with people in mind. We firmly believe spying is a counterproductive approach. We choose transparency and purpose. Always. That's who we are.

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Focus on what's really important.

Prioritize your team's well-being while focusing on critical business decisions.

Rely on a market leading expert.

A proven set of reports and best practices for Operations from Operations people.

Guide productivity with accurate real-time data.

Interactive insights and dashboards for team members, managers and executives.

Promote an environment of respect and trust.

Safeguard your employee's privacy with no keystroke logging or screen recording tech.

Scale up your potential.

Manage and deploy to thousands of users with desktop and network data collection with little impact to IT resources.

Ingredients to WorkiQ' success.


Serving the world's largest financial services companies since 2005.


A solution designed with Operations and Human Resources in mind.


A proven methodology used to successfully coach our customers.

Make decisions that matter.

When you’re responsible for making sure your people perform both well and efficiently for your organization, you need accurate employee performance data. You need to know what’s necessary to manage your team members most efficiently. Your best choice for team member productivity is WorkiQ from ActiveOps.

You need complete data to make meaningful management decisions. That’s why your analytics solution must capture a full timeline of activity data and put that into remote operations dashboards. WorkiQ counts time invested per application in real-time – even from legacy or web applications from home or in the office so you can address opportunities for your people and processes.

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