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The Future Fit Workforce: Adaptive, Data Inspired, And Resilient.

Hosted by ActiveOps and featuring Vice President and Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder of Forrester Logo.

Recorded on February 10, 2021 at 10:30am (EST)

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In 2021, organizations face a new landscape of challenges: A continued pandemic, economic upheaval, the rise of remote work, and recalibrated employee and customer expectations.

Addressing these challenges will require a combination of investments in technology and organization. The best combinations will aim for what Forrester calls “Future Fit”: Designing a new basis for work, using technology, that drives organization adaptivity, creativity, and resilience while also improving employee experience.

Technologies like process automation, employee productivity measurement, and workforce optimization can be harnessed in the service of Future Fitness. But there are issues of governance and culture that companies must watch out for along the way to ensure employee buy-in and benefit.

In this talk, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder will discuss the evolution of this opportunity, including themes like:

  • Why the aim of organizations should be Future Fitness?
  • How an adaptive workforce creates new value
  • How to use employee productivity monitoring in a pro-employee experience fashion
  • Why ‘invisible resources’ – talent distributed across the enterprise – will be a future superpower
  • What you can do to win in the new world of work

Following J.P. ActiveOps CEO, Richard Jeffery will discuss the role of Management Process Automation in creating a future-fit operations workforce. Richard will explain how employee productivity monitoring offers a high impact, rapidly implemented means to start your management process automation journey. We will also discuss how the success of employee productivity monitoring initiatives can be guaranteed by focusing on the management method which gives purpose to the data you collect. The session will help you understand how employee productivity monitoring can:

  • Create efficiencies in your operations
  • Improve employee experience through transparency
  • Create agility and resilience
  • Promote employee well-being regardless of work location
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