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Features WorkiQ Essentials
Real-time activity tracking
WorkiQ Plus
Real-time activity tracking + wellbeing insights
WorkiQ Premium
Real-time activity tracking + wellbeing insights + outcome measurement + location + eligibility
Real-time Data Capture
Automatically gather application usage and activity data from desktop and virtual machines (i.e. Citrix)
Time In/Out
Know who’s available and when employees log in and out of their work machine
Customised categorisation
Define tailored categories and group applications for meaningful insights into usage and time spent by type
Applications Insights
Understand which desktop or web-based applications your team use, when and for how long
Manager Dashboard
At-a-glance, real-time view of team performance for making in-day decisions
Pre-configured reports
Get immediate insights and compare at individual, team, department, and organisational level
Customisable reports
Create custom reports and dashboards tailored to your reporting needs
Wellbeing Reports
Gain insight into how your employees are balancing work and time and consider actions to avoid employee burnout
AOM Manager Certification
Upskill and get managers certified to empower them to utilise WorkiQ data to maximise efficiency and utilisation
Data export
Complement existing organisational dashboards and integrate with Business Intelligence tools
Collector New Feature!
Automatically count the volume of specific tasks completed to gain insights into productivity
Eligibility tracking
Track availability and configure eligibility criteria by country, state, or for different policies
Hybrid workforce location intelligence
Layer location data over traditional performance metrics to produce an instant comparison
Customer support 24/7 via email, support portal and phone
Flexible hosting: on-premise, Microsoft Azure, private cloud (AWS, Google or other)

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