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MORE Stories from our Customers

Our customers are our raving fans and here they share their stories of MORE – the transformational outcomes they experience from using ActiveOps and the power of making the right decision – always. Welcome to More Stories.

Stories from across Ops organizations 

Hear from people across the ops team and discover their drivers for change and the overall transformative impact ActiveOps has across their operations organization 

Stories from Ops Execs

Being an Ops Exec is not easy. The battle to reduce costs and improve productivity whilst keeping the customer happy often means you are on the back foot.  Hear from Execs who have created significant change and transformation to finally be able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their peers.

Stories from Ops Team Leaders

Team leaders need to make the magic happen within ops. Highly tuned instincts and experience are not given up lightly in favour of technology.  Hear how team leaders have embraced ActiveOps and are now guided and supported to make better decisions in real-time.

Read our success stories

Hear from some of our customers and discover how ActiveOps Decision Intelligence enables them to deliver MORE value.

Allied Irish Bank

Discover how AIB uses ActiveOps Decision Intelligence and AOM methodology to deliver a 23% uplift in operations productivity.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Read how Bendigo and Adelaide Banks increased productivity by 39% and eliminated spreadsheets from their processes.

KBC Bank

Learn how KBC delivers a more consistent and higher quality of customer service through the use of ActiveOps.


Nationwide, upskilled 15oo people and lent 160k hours across departments with ActiveOps – changing how they managed their employees.


Discover how Nedbank Insurance transformed their business and increased productivity by 15% per year for 2 years.

Philam Life

Find out how Philam Life reduced overtime by 50% with ActiveOps

TD Bank

Hear how TD Bank upskilled all their staff with in 3 months, and increased productivity by 33% in 6 months.


Find out why ActiveOps is now embedded in the culture of the UK BPS service centre teams at Xchanging.

Yoma Bank

Discover how Yoma Bank is experiencing Decision Intelligence from ActiveOps and the impact on their business.

WorkiQ / Healthcare Success Stories

See how Healthcare organizations in North America have adopted WorkiQ and moved the needle in employee engagement.

Our customer say…

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