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Unlocking MORE productivity and agility with Decision Intelligence















“What gets measured gets done. The transparency we have around capacity, and our ability to use that capacity to run our business, has been very, very successful.”

Terry Nolan
Head of Performance Management, AIB

The challenge – a need for more flexibility

AIB wanted to better navigate the ongoing turbulence in the post-pandemic banking industry. To achieve this, the team identified key challenges around operational visibility, control, and flexibility within and across teams they needed to overcome. Without a complete view of capacity and skills across the organisation, AIB struggled to answer questions such as:

  • How much resource do we need to complete the work we have?
  • Where are there capacity and skills that aren’t being fully utilised?
  • What training and development should we be focusing on to create a versatile and agile team?

Terry Nolan, Head of Performance Management at AIB, added: “emerging out of Covid, the size and shape of our customer base has changed. It was important that we were agile and had the right capabilities to support our customers’ journeys.”

Having already used ActiveOps successfully in its customer service operation, AIB decided to bring ActiveOps into its Retail Operations team to achieve its goals.

The Solution – ActiveOps

Working with Xcentuate, the leading provider of transformational digital productivity and performance solutions, AIB implemented ControliQ from ActiveOps to transform its operations.

ControliQ combines human and artificial intelligence to help operations leaders make better decisions faster. Underpinned by the Active Operations Management (AOM) methodology, ControliQ helps AIB bring together the data already in the organisation to unlock powerful insights into what’s happening in operations. With this Decision Intelligence, AIB has been able to unlock more capacity in order to increase productivity, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and demonstrate the value of operations to the wider organisation.

AIB was also able to create a skills matrix for all its teams, getting a clear picture of exactly what skills existed in the business. With this data, AIB can identify opportunities for teams to assist each other during peak periods, boosting agility, and also identify opportunities to upskill team members to take on more complex work, or improve performance.

“We’ve moved from anecdotal to empirical data, and the benefits have been clear for us.”

Tony McSweeney
Senior Leader, Retail Operations at AIB

“Access to real-time data has allowed our management team to pivot in real time and meet the changing demands of the team.”

Edel O’Brien
Senior Leader at AIB

The results – complete visibility delivers increased agility and productivity

AIB’s Retail Operations has achieved some incredible results using ActiveOps:

  • The operation has doubled its workload while only increasing resources by 50%.
  • Productivity has also increased by 18% across the operation, thanks to real-time operational data identifying spare capacity across the business
  • 5% of AIB’s resources are able to flex between teams, reducing overtime spending and creating more agility in operations.

Vitally, AIB is using some of its new capacity to proactively upskill teams, with the aim of becoming even more agile.

The decision intelligence ActiveOps gives AIB has helped the business reduce its cost per unit, invest in its people, and deliver a consistent customer service while getting more work done. Terry concludes:

“ActiveOps has changed the way we do business. It’s left a positive legacy on our culture, and we’re delighted to be using it.”

Terry Nolan
Head of Performance Management, AIB

About AIB

AIB is a financial services group operating predominantly in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. It provides a comprehensive range of services to personal, business and corporate customers and has leading market shares in banking products in the Republic of Ireland. AIB’s business has been restructured in recent years with the aim of becoming a customer focused, profitable and lower risk institution, well positioned to support economic recovery in Ireland while seeking to generate sustainable shareholder returns.

The Retail Operations team of 43 staff sit within the operations team at AIB and are responsible for executing a broad range of banking services, from daily banking to quality assurance.