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Working together to improve customer service






Cross-utilization of staff across brands and teams improved employee satisfaction.

FTE savings are utilized in growth areas to support the execution of strategic initiatives.

“ActiveOps was selected as the most flexible solution as well as for the willingness of the implementation team to work with the Bank to deliver a tailored programme.”

Joseph Spagnolo
Project Implementation Manager

Business challenge

Previous methods used did not provide clear visibility of team members or support proactive capacity planning or availability. Reporting was very reactive, and the data that was being collected did not measure productivity or utilisation.

ActiveOps was selected for two reasons. Firstly, it was deemed the most flexible solution to cater to a wide range of operations teams, and secondly, due to the willingness of the ActiveOps implementation team to deliver a tailored programme.

The ability to link to existing systems without the need to replace or implement an alternative BPM solution was also considered a major advantage of ActiveOps.

ActiveOps was selected as the most flexible solution as well as the willingness of the ActiveOps implementation team to work with the Bank to deliver a tailored programme.

The implementation was undertaken by the Bank’s own operations team, with support from ActiveOps when needed.

Business benefits

“One of the main benefits of self implementation was having someone from within our business running the project. Having insight into the culture made it easier to provision for challenges in advance, and we were able to easily build rapport with stakeholders. Given the solutions from ActiveOps revolve around a different way of doing things, there will always be pockets of resistance. Having someone from within the organisation helping facilitate the change process meant those resistant to change felt less threatened as they were brought through the process by someone within the organisation that understood the culture familiar to them.”

Joseph Spagnolo, Project Implementation Manager

Overall benefits

  • Productivity gains of up to 39%
  • Planning volumes week-on-week and the ability to review time spent on diverted tasks
  • FTE saving utilized in growth areas to provide support towards the execution of strategic initiatives
  • Cross-utilization of staff across brands and teams
  • Improved employee satisfaction due to more flexible working conditions

Team member benefits

  • Enables home working as productivity, working hours and tasks completed are visible and can be reviewed by managers.
  • Provided team members with the autonomy to manage their own work and be effective with their own time.
  • Team members can re-adjust work allocation with their manager
  • Increased motivation to use spare time effectively.

Team leader benefits

  • Real-time visibility and transparency of staff with intra-day productivity levels and FTE planning
  • A single view of team whereabouts and current status. For example, if team members are away from desk, in a meeting, contributing to a project, etc.
  • Elimination of time-consuming data entry into spreadsheets
  • Easier planning and forecasting team workload allocations
  • Clearer and detailed real-time reports, showing what tasks team members are spending their time on, and which processes can be improved
  • Real-time attendance and productivity data that can be used to discuss with staff who have performance or attendance issues
  • Easier development of business proposals using data from ActiveOps

About Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is Australia’s fifth largest retail bank, with more than 7,200 staff helping its 1.85 million customers to achieve their financial goals. The Bank operates the following brands; Adelaide Bank, Rural Bank, Delphi Bank, Alliance Bank, Leveraged and Bendigo Bank via more than 500 branches nationwide, including more than 320 community-owned and operated Community Bank branches. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s vision is to be Australia’s bank of choice, by feeding into the prosperity of customers and their communities.