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Unlocking efficiencies and transforming customer experience with Decision Intelligence








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“ActiveOps is more than software, it’s an ops culture. If you’re talking operations excellence, this, for me, captures it all. It’s been such an incredible journey.”

Nozizwe Tshabuse
Managing Executive: RBB Client Operations, Nedbank

The challenge – visibility of ops data vital to transformation effort

Nedbank RBB operations launched an audacious plan to make its operations more customer-centric. Key to that plan was to professionalise operations by standardising processes across all the different products and services the bank offered, using digital tools to enable better and more consistent decision-making. To get there, it was vital that the business could get answer question such as:

  • How do I get a single view of capacity, performance, and productivity data?
  • What work are we expecting in the coming days, weeks and months?
  • How do we balance workload between our teams so that under-utilised teams are supporting overworked teams?
  • Are we on track to meet all our SLAs?
  • Are my people at risk of burnout?
  • Are we delivering the benefits of transformation?

“If we want to stay relevant to our customers, then it’s important that we become a client-centred business.”

Nozizwe Tshabuse
Managing Executive: RBB Client Operations, Nedbank

The Solution – ActiveOps

The team heard about ActiveOps from their colleagues at Nedbank Insurance, who had improved their NPS by an incredible 61 points using ControliQ. “Aside from the capacity and productivity increases that ActiveOps offered, it was the operations management piece that really stood out to us,” says Gideon Van Der Westhuysen, Head of Function: Ops Effectiveness for Nedbank RBB. ControliQ combines human and artificial intelligence to help operations leaders make better decisions faster. Underpinned by the Active Operations Management (AOM) methodology, ControliQ helps Nedbank RBB bring together the data already in the organisation to unlock powerful insights into what’s happening in operations. With this Decision Intelligence, Nedbank RBB can unlock more capacity in order to increase productivity, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and demonstrate the value of operations to the wider organisation.

  • Alongside the technological rollout, the team implemented a comprehensive change management programme to help bring employees on the journey and enable them to use the decision intelligence in the best way. That included:
  • Professionalising operations with ActiveOps certifications and training.
  • Specialist change management support from ActiveOps to ensure employees were fully engaged through the transition. An executive masterclass where ActiveOps consultants demonstrated the value to senior leadership, ensuring their buy-in and support.

“Our team leaders have become ambassadors because they see the value. They now have control of the demand and the work that is running through their teams.”

Gideon Van Der Westhuysen
Head of Ops Effectiveness, Nedbank RBB

The results – leading customer satisfaction with data-driven decisions

Nedbank RBB’s goal was to deliver a customer-centric experience; using ActiveOps, the bank now has the highest NPS of any bank in South Africa.

“Customers have told us that they can feel a difference when they deal with us. They particularly like having to deal with fewer people.”

Nozizwe Tshabuse
Managing Executive: RBB Client Operations, Nedbank

These incredible results have been achieved through the increased transparency in data and insights provided via ControliQ, enabling the team to make better decisions to:

  • Increase productivity by 21% in 12 months, against a target of a 17% increase over five years.
  • Provide faster service. Nedbank RBB can now process home loan registrations 22% faster than the industry benchmark.
  • Reduce overtime by 30%, cutting costs and improving employee wellbeing.
  • Identify further opportunities to unlock capacity and optimise.

Perhaps most powerfully for Nozizwe and the team, Decision Intelligence has helped them create a professional, engaged and skilled workforce. Nozi says: “ActiveOps is more than software, it’s an ops culture. If you’re talking operations excellence, this, for me, captures it all. It’s been such an incredible journey.”

The team can use their data to identify times for employees to focus on training – and what training to focus on to energise the employee and deliver additional flexibility to the business.

Reflecting on this new world of operations management, Gideon says: “ActiveOps has helped us create a career path within operations. We have over 50 team leaders accredited in using ActiveOps – and they know the value of that to their careers.”

Ellen Holtzhausen, Team Leader: Gauteng Homeloans at Nedbank adds: “We can see a capacity problem coming a week in advance through the data. We’ve now got time to truly sit and think of a proper workable plan instead of being firefighters the whole time.”

“I can now sit boldly next to my front-line colleagues and demonstrate the value the back office brings to the bank. I cannot imagine managing a large operation like this without ActiveOps.”

Nozizwe Tshabuse
Managing Executive: RBB Client Operations, Nedbank

About Nedbank Retail and Business Banking

Nedbank RBB is a part of the Nedbank Group, offering a full range of Banking and Beyond services, including transactional banking, card and payment solutions, lending solutions, deposit-taking services, risk management, investment products, card-acquiring services for businesses, ecosystems and platforms-based solutions. Nedbank RBB services clients through retail channels of more than 500 staffed outlets and 4,000 ATMs in South Africa. With > 2 million digitally active retail clients, digital uptake and usage continues to grow.