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Skyrocketing NPS and CX in Service Ops

with Angela Vernes & Darlene Kalonji-Mbukula from Nedbank Insurance

In this episode

Ops Game Changers: How Nedbank Insurance sent their NPS through the roof!
From 8.8 to 69 in four years. 

In our first episode, we dive into the topic of customer experience and its impact on operations and the Net Promoter Score (NPS).  We are joined by Angela Vernes (Head of Operations) and Darlene Kalonji-Mbukula (Head of Client Experience) at Nedbank Insurance, a Nedbank Group company that offers car insurance, credit card assurance, life and funeral cover and other types of insurance to more than two million clients. These Ops Game Changers discuss how Nedbank Insurance transformed its business into a customer-centric one, significantly improving its NPS score over the past four years.

Angela and Darlene reveal the process they went through to move an entire organization into putting the customer at the heart of all that they do. The implications and processes they defined are fascinating.  This is a must-listen/watch for anyone in service operations and customer experience who is beginning to realize that transformation is the only way forward.

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Your key takeaways from this episode

Outline the big picture and define your goals and battlegrounds.
Engage and align different business units and create a common strategy.
Map the customer journey from different perspectives across the business and the customer’s viewpoint.
Motivate and encourage employees to stay on point and create the change.
Pick your battles wisely!

We did not only focus on the impact of the voice of customer, but we were also obsessed with the voice of our staff

Darlene Kalonji-Mbukula, Executive Head: Client Experience, Nedbank Insurance

Meet our guests

Angela Vernes

Head Of Operations

Nedbank Insurance

Angela is the Head of Operations at Nedbank Insurance, overseeing all operational aspects and client servicing with a team of over 300 employees. With a career in financial services spanning more than 30 years, she brings extensive experience in various roles, including credit, finance, risk and compliance, and operations.

Darlene Kalonji-Mbukula

Executive Head: Client Experience

Nedbank Insurance

Darlene Kalonji-Mbukula oversees the entire Client Experience function at Nedbank Insurance. Her role spans a range of responsibilities, from research and marketing insights to designing customer value propositions, managing go-to marketing and brand strategies, handling external and internal communication with clients, overseeing conduct risk management, and reporting on customer experience KPIs. Darlene has spent 18 years in financial services, bringing over 12 years of expertize in the client experience domain.

About Nedbank Insurance

Nedbank Insurance (NI) offers a comprehensive range of product solutions both on and off license, covering four broad product categories, namely Credit Life, Simple Risk, Investments and Non-Life. This ensures that clients, ranging from individuals and their families to large corporations, can enjoy tailored solutions that provide them with every day.

Meet our host

Bhavesh Vaghela



Bhavesh is an accomplished tech marketer with over 20 years of experience in fast-paced and disruptive markets. He has held senior roles in start-ups like ResponseTap and Kernolab, as well as global brands – Oracle and OpenText.

Since joining Activeops, Bhavesh has been on a mission to bring to the fore the stories and achievements of service operations leaders.

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